“She’s a dunderhead!” – Mark Levin rips the media for promoting Ocasio-Cortez… [video]

Mark Levin said yesterday on his Levin TV show that it’s appalling that the media celebrates a dunderhead like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who now claims she was only kidding about the world ending in 12 years:

Levin says AOC “doesn’t know a damn thing; she hasn’t done a damn thing.”

He goes on to explain why the Democrat media loves AOC so much:

And to lecture us about when the world’s going to end and what our economy should look like and how many children people should have and all the rest – I mean this is like going to a sorority house or a frat house where people are sitting around after about three beers just burping out stupid stuff all the time.

She’s celebrated. The only reason she’s celebrated is because she’s one of a hand full of funnels through which the phony Democrat Party media advances it’s agenda. So they figure ‘we have a millennial here, let’s build her up.’

How about you actually analyze what she says? ‘No no we can’t do that.’

Here’s a little more from Levin on this…

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