Shirley Sherrod: Breitbart wants to enslave black people again

Sherrod was on Cooper Anderson last night, decrying Breitbart as a racist who wants us to go back to the times of slavery again. Of course Cooper Anderson defended him to the hilt after such outrageous comments….NOT! The slime ball that is Cooper Anderson never even tried to defend Breitbart, probably because he wouldn’t want to upset a ‘black victim of white oppression’. No no no….let’s not go down that road. Let’s just let her slander Breitbart unfairly so as not to offend the black race baiting leaders like Sharpton, Jackson, the NAACP, or even the New Black Panther Party.

Ironically, before Sherrod became CNN’s new mascot, she was saying that she realized that this all started because the NAACP picked a fight with the Tea Party. Now she’s saying that it really wasn’t about the NAACP at all, but rather that Breitbart hates having a black president. Wow, sounds like she’s running for Congress!

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