SHOCKER: Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo defend cop in Columbus shooting

While so many on the left are trying hard to spin the Columbus shooting into the officer’s fault, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo actually defended the officer last night:

I watched this in shock to be honest, hearing this from Lemon and Cuomo. They sounded almost reasonable!

Heck Chris Cuomo actually used the word ‘justified’ in reference to the shooting. Lemon was hesitant to go that far without more information, but clearly he was going in that direction.

They both made the point that using a taser in that short amount of time to stop a woman from stabbing another would have been a bad idea, because the prongs might not embed correctly, etc. They also note that at close range a knife can be even more lethal than a gunshot, especially if it strikes an artery where the person will bleed out.

And they also defended the officer for rolling up to a scene where he was called about a stabbing and then almost immediately sees someone about to stab someone else. Lemon said it’s the officer’s job to protect the victim, that it was his duty.

When Cuomo called Lemon brave for essentially defending the cop, I rolled my eyes so hard they nearly rolled out of my head. But then I realized that he’s not entirely wrong given their leftist audience and how so many on the left are blaming the officer and trying to make this into a systemic policing problem.

So kudos to Lemon and Cuomo for getting this one right. It doesn’t happen often…

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