SHOCKING video shows 19-year-old driver trapped as car nearly SPLIT in half, DRAGGED by SEMI down highway

This would be insane with an empty vehicle. But this clip showing a car being dragged by a semi truck down a highway goes from amazing to outright astonishing when you realize there’s a person in the car. And she’s waving for help.

The Daily Mail first shared this and, though it’s a bit of a break from the usual content here, I’m posting it anyway because this right here? It sorta blew my dang mind. I can’t even hardly process it. It’s short too. But even so.

I won’t delay the reveal too much longer, I just wanted to add this from the Daily Mail:

Illinois State Police later said the car, driven by 19-year-old Laylisha Gardner, was trying to change lanes when it somehow became wedged beneath the truck.

What in the HECK kind of lane change were you trying, young lady??


The video shows how the front of the car was flattened and the windscreen smashed with the young driver somehow having avoided being crushed in the collision.

The truck continues to plow down the road despite the sound of tires screeching along the highway.


Incredibly, nobody was injured in the incident, and police did not provide any details regarding possible charges.

Two lanes on the Tri-State Tollway were closed for about 15 minutes while police investigated the incident.

The shocking footage was filmed by motorist Grzesiek Misiek, who said he managed to get the attention of the truck driver and got him to pull over.

Just crazy, y’all. I have watched it like twenty times. Feel free to chat about it down below.

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