Should Americans burn the U.N. flag?

Dustin Stockton, general anti-establishment rabble rouser and organizer of The Day of Resistance rallies last month, posted something interesting on his public Facebook page last night:

We have a better idea for a “Flag Burning”,…The U.N. Flag!

In the past few months we have seen the U.N. trying to impose “Agenda 21”, and more recently “The Arms Trade Treaty” (which was meant to further restrict gun ownership and possession).

A few people have suggested that Our next event could be one that sends a loud and clear message : “We are sick of Our money being spent to fund the U.N., and tired of Our money being given away as “foreign aid” to counties who burn Our flag!”

The description was accompanied by this rather graphic, well… graphic:

burn UN flag


Of course the mass media would have a field day with pro-second amendment protestors burning U.N. flags.  But the post poses an interesting question… most Americans who consider themselves patriotic would never desecrate an American flag, but what about the United Nations flag? What do you think?

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