Should Americans burn the U.N. flag?

Dustin Stockton, general anti-establishment rabble rouser and organizer of The Day of Resistance rallies last month, posted something interesting on his public Facebook page last night:

We have a better idea for a “Flag Burning”,…The U.N. Flag!

In the past few months we have seen the U.N. trying to impose “Agenda 21”, and more recently “The Arms Trade Treaty” (which was meant to further restrict gun ownership and possession).

A few people have suggested that Our next event could be one that sends a loud and clear message : “We are sick of Our money being spent to fund the U.N., and tired of Our money being given away as “foreign aid” to counties who burn Our flag!”

The description was accompanied by this rather graphic, well… graphic:

burn UN flag


Of course the mass media would have a field day with pro-second amendment protestors burning U.N. flags.  But the post poses an interesting question… most Americans who consider themselves patriotic would never desecrate an American flag, but what about the United Nations flag? What do you think?

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125 thoughts on “Should Americans burn the U.N. flag?

  1. Burn it -every day 24/7 and throw the UN out of the USA . Organization of world thugs, despots, mass murderers, rapists, child abusers, wife beating Neanderthals.

  2. The UN is run by Third world dictators and thugs. They do not allow true LIBERTY and freedoms to prosper . They in the UN want to form a one world GOVERNMENT and they will take away our LIBERTY.Move them out of the USA. Send them to the country that provides the greatest pressure …

  3. Burn it now. Of course the truly great thing is that those blue helmets make wonderful targets.

  4. Burn, baby burn! Then throw the entire UN out of New York and send them packing to whatever country will take them.

  5. I think burning the UN flag and the UN building would be a beautiful sight.  Of course Democrats would be upset which could make it an even better sight

  6. Burn It.. We do need the UN, we need to get them out of our country let them hold their worthless meeting some place else.. How about Cuba???

  7. Burn it and kick them out…they hate us anyways.  This worthless organization belongs in Switzerland…let them pick up the tab.

  8. “Of course the mass media would have a field day with pro-second amendment protestors burning U.N. flags”…And! who gives a damn?

    1. TomSweet

    1. KatrinaLoveslife Hi Katrina.  Be sure to “like” Dustin’s page (linked in the post above) for details. I’m sure he has some things planned and will be releasing details soon.

  9. this is to all of you, has there been any protests on this issue or any other for the Christian American that is seeking to keep the constitution intacked? would you please let me know of some? Will there be one coming up?

  10. I don’t like America being so closely affiliated with the UN. I know the whole idea is the UN is suppose to represent all Nations but I feel they are predominately socialistic and communistic in their beliefs and unfortunately America is quickly jumping on board due to our current President and Administration. All of whom know the Christian Conservative will have to be reckoned with…which is why they have built a literal and massive army for no other purpose than to defeat us. We are indeed doing a lot to shake them up…we have acquired the attention of the entire world. They are waiting, watching…they know that once this war transpires, nothing in the world will ever be the same. They know a lot of flags will burn for the very last time. Yes, we must continue to let the UN and the current Administration know we are a force to be reckoned with…

    1. rdhenson1947  
      Without American tax payer funding and an American building to operate from, the UN would fold like a house of cards and that’s just a fact.

      1. tinlizzieowner rdhenson1947 I so agree with you tinlizzieowner. And I’m very much like most Americans, I really don’t know what to do next. It’s like we are all waiting …just waiting…until the evil strikes. And it never strikes when, how or where we forsee. It could be another 9/11 all over again…except this time much, much bigger and by our very own government. Our enemy is the person and people we have placed in power over us…what the hell do we do with that?

        1. rdhenson1947 tinlizzieowner I believe that our political elite are now guaranteed their post via electronic vote manipulation, so I personally don’t think that we are electing those who actually run things. 
          What we can do is prepare for anything that may come our way. There are some things that are certain, and others that are not. The bottom line is that we must become individually as independent as we can, because being dependent on government is the most hazardous place that I could think to be when we finally get to a quickening of the decline of the US. 
          I agree that we will see more attacks and shootings, and government entities will be the perpetrators.

  11. I’d actually wipe my backside with it first… I have no respect for what the U.N. stands for and I’d gladly kick them out of the country if I could – after resigning from it first.
    Corruption and socialism are rampant in that mockery of an organization.

  12. Burn the building and the flag. I still want the ” USA out of the UN and the UN out of the USA NOW”. Does anyone know a site that will make a T shirt with the above slogan on it?

  13. Why not? They’re flammable, aren’t they? As far as I’m concerned, we should burn all their buildings, too, if we can’t seize and sell them.

    1. VIRUSX Maybe we could take out the Fed Res buildings as well. Might as well clean some house.

  14. I’m afraid the only avenue left to use before all out war is major (and I really do mean MAJOR) protests, , where people, including elderly and children, endured tear gas while marching in protest of upcoming “gay marriage” legislation.
    We’ll have to have something to wake the press up, besides mere numbers, since they patently ignore the size of any of our gatherings.
    Since the Republicans have abdicated responsibility in these dark, depressing times, the people will have to stand up.

    1. K-Bob I have come to the opinion in the last 4 years, the Libertarians were right…  the Establishment Democrats and the Establishment Republicans are two heads of the same snake…

    2. K-Bob I wish I were clever and smart enough to think of another way…Frances Fox Piven asked where were all the angry people in the street.  I want more than anything to deprive her of the satisfaction of seeing that here.  I would much rather see her wail and gnash her teeth when we slide out of her trap.  We are being pushed into a corner – a gingerbread man mold of unAmerican ugliness.  I want to get out of the corner because I do not want to be the person they are cornering us into being.  If only….

      1. Stehekin912 K-Bob The difference between our movement and theirs is that we are far more resolute in our defense of Liberty, and in our goals.  They seek nothing but libertine allowances from the state, and they meekly accept, or even demand, the lash, being the slaves they are.
        This is not Germany 1933. We will never give up our right to keep and bear arms.

      2. Stehekin912 K-Bob I absolutely refuse to be anything other than who I am…a Christian conservative. I would rather die than loose…me.

    3. K-Bob My observations have led me to believe that people need to be directly effected in a major way to act out. If they were to rob our savings accounts then we might see riots. If they were to drone bomb our families, we would see retaliation. If enough people are kicked out of their homes and hungry, there might be a problem for the government. 
      Organized resistance is hard to do with the government monitoring and infiltrating every group and communication. Maybe we could get Google to do for us what they did in Egypt. The problem with that is that the Muslim Brotherhood rules there now. Wouldn’t want that here.

      1. libertifirst K-Bob That reminds me of this week. It takes some link following to understand the back-references to local British politics, but it resonates with what you just wrote.
        I think for starters, you just organize like the lefties do: right out in the open.  We have the advantage because we’re protesting for the law to be upheld in most cases. Makes it kind of hard to build a case that we’re radicals.  (Not that that would stop the mutant army of the Obamarrhoids.)  IF we need to defeat surveillance, there’s ways to deal with it. Especially if we never, ever give up our arms.
        I’m thinking that we need to start a movement that lets the Federal government know that the airspace above a state is not totally theirs to command.  States should exercise a little sovereignty, there.  We could then work toward justified elimination of drones .  All nice and legal.

        1. K-Bob libertifirst Sounds good to me. Too bad the libs have the army of social welfare drones to do their dirty work, while we have to go to work, pay bills, raise our families, AND try to find time to be politically active. If we ever win anything, it is due to the fact that we have much more involved in our path to doing so. It’s too bad that we don’t have an agricultural society and economy any more. Farmers often get a certain amount of time off each year due to seasonal lulls. If we had an agricultural society, we wouldn’t have to be worried about near as much as we are now, because society would be conservative on the whole. Oh well, such is the times that we live in.

        2. K-Bob libertifirst I agree with everything you said. And I believe some States are truly concerned and agree as well. The problem in America is this is the first time we’ve been faced with having to defeat our very own federal govenment…and we simply aren’t organized for it. The State governments simply have no answers, it’s a fearful thing to each State…and they are moving too slowly…which is why regular citizens are so frickin aggravated.

        3. libertifirst K-Bob I hadn’t thought about it in that context before.  Good insight about agrarian folks having some time.

          At some point, we may have to just go on strike.

      2. libertifirst K-Bob Word in the grape vine is Google has signed up to be part of the problem. You do have a good idea…we just need to find the right source. I’m sure it is out there, we just don’t know how to get to it yet.

    4. K-Bob I agree Bob, we need to be making a lot more noise than what we are doing. Something I am doing is sending contributions to the major organizations who are fighting the hardest & the loudest and I’m really getting behind politicians like Rand Paul. Each and everyone of else needs to be involved somehow, someway…to do nothing is not going to get the job done.

    1. WolfieUSA Agreed.I have been saying the very same thing for a long tome.The UN is an enemy of the US!

      1. 57thunderbird WolfieUSA 
        True, it only came into existence to challenge the US economically and politically.  Look at the great job they’re doing with Europe… Cyprus… Spain, Italy, Ireland may be next.  And don’t even mention Greece.  🙁

        1. WolfieUSA 57thunderbird I don’t know how much the UN actually has to do with the financial mess they are all in. I do know that the EU and the IMF are as corrupt as the day is long, and have purposely caused the European crisis to create failed states that have to bow to unelected banker rulers.

    1. c4pfan Perhaps not.But if enough Americans participated it might send a clear signal to the UN that they are not wanted here.

    2. c4pfan This issue is much like the Fed Res issue. It took a long time to make it part of the national conversation. Any media coverage of UN flag burning events will possibly make people think a bit about why Americans are doing it. 
      We need to let these globalist thugs know that we are not ignorant to their covert takeover of US sovereignty. We need to let our politicians know that we are on to them as well.

  15. Will Congress rush through a law tonight stating burning flags, other than the US one of course, is a felony?

    1. OneThinDime Let’s see.  First they’ll declare it to be racist, hate speech.  Then they’ll get the EPA involved because of your use of gasoline (AKA “boy scout fluid”) to make sure it burns.
      Okay, okay, I’ll use the gasoline. Kerosene and lighter fluid are for wimps.

  16. I would burn it with the same glee displayed by the Obamascum when they burn the Stars and Stripes — only I will be arrested.  Let me see?  Yeah, worth it!

  17. The UN flag is not a flag of a country, it is a political flag and I say burn it away.  It deserves no respect whatsoever.  It’s a blue starred political rag.

    1. K-Bob I say bring it on!  We’ll just remind them that we are trying to provide a more natural way of heating the area for OWS!

      1. libertifirst K-Bob Maybe with a little LOX as an environmentally safe, but still insanely dangerous, accelerant!

  18. Burn it!  What a great idea!  We should have NO allegiance to the U.N.  That is not what our Constitution was about!  Burn it!

  19. Burn it!  What a great idea!  We should have NO allegiance to the U.N.  That is not what our Constitution was about!  Burn it!

  20. I have no problems with burning a UN flag!  And in the same token, I have no problem pissing on the koran, either!

    1. PokeyTheGun 
      I also have no problem burning a burqa or hijab either…  They ain’t gonna get me in one of those!  Ever!

      1. louisiana_mom PokeyTheGun   Nothing wrong with southern accent. Every part of this country sounds different from all the others.  I’m from Texas and when I visit family up north I want them to apologize to me.

  21. They are also trying to impose the UNCRC.I recommend those of you that home shool to google it.

  22. I’ll bring the lighter fluid if the ol Zippo don’t work…these extra long fireplace matches might even do the trick

  23. I do not agree with flag burning, no matter who is doing the burning and no matter whose flag is being burned.  That said, Get the UN out of the US!

      1. 57thunderbird Stehekin912   Friends (and I think of you as my friends), I just do not like flag burning.  I don’t like it when citizens of our country or any others burn mine and I don’t want to burn that of others.  But that does not mean I feel any allegiance to those other places or necessarily agree with them in any way – in fact the governments of some I profoundly despise and I think the UN is a waste of good alphabet.  Let there be no doubt, AMERICA is my country and I love my country.  I want the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN.

        1. Stehekin912 57thunderbird I understand,but the UN is not the flag of any particular nation.It is nothing more than a political symbol.

        2. Stehekin912 57thunderbird I’m with Thunderbird, the UN is not another country.  I will show the same respect to another country’s flag that I want them to show towards mine.  But the UN is not a country, it is a political entity whose sole purpose is the install a One World Government…  and abolish all countries.

    1. 57thunderbird Can we burn the Mexican one in front of their embassy and at every Mexican celebration in the US?

  24. IMO the UH is tantamount to a foreign invasion on US soil.Close it down and send it packing.Nothing but a nest of vipers,dictators,and socialists bent on taking away American sovereignty!

      1. OneThinDime 57thunderbird Absolutely!If America took away the funding we provide to the UN,it would dry up and blow away!

      1. 57thunderbird americalsgt use to have one with the image of the face of a Zouave infantry soldier on it (aka The Zig Zag man).  But it’s gone, but still have several other.  Got to love the folks from Bradford, PA who made a product that was guaranteed for life. Of course the product that they sold was used for something that when lite would send you to an early grave, but that’s another story.

        1. americalsgt 57thunderbird I never knew the Zig-Zag man was a Zouave infantrr soldier.I think I may be familiar with that other story. 🙂

  25. YES WE CAN. 
    I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.  One Nation Under God.
    I have no problem burning the UN flag.  Get the flag.. get the UN out of the US.  They have no thought, care or benefit from a Sovereign America.

  26. humph I don’t have a problem with anyone burning the UN flag. 
    and makes me say want to say HELL YEAH!

  27. I consider it a duty to burn at least one UN flag monthly. Also decorate your car informing others:

    It’s a duty.

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