Should the WEF elites in Davos control the world? Elon Musk is literally asking that question

The World Economic Forum should control the world, yes or no? That’s the dilemma posed by Elon Musk in a provocative new and hard to decide on Twitter poll


The hilarious poll is here, and you should vote:

It’s part of a series of tweets the world’s richest man and one-time savior-figure to the green left but now pariah because he likes free speech.

The media has created an environment wherein if you question billionaires and world leaders rubbing shoulders to decide what you should be allowed to eat, drink, drive, live in, or think, then YOU’RE the kook.

But we should be questioning this. World leaders and business leaders certainly are free to associate, and the MSM should be able to cover it. So should alternative and skeptical press. But you won’t see that. Daily Caller, Right Scoop, and Rumble not invited.

I mean they bragged that Musk wasn’t invited. The guy who makes the cars they drive and runs the platform they use to promote their agendas!

They have Brian Stelter talking about free speech, Al Gore about the environment, and John Kerry just spouting off about whatever and saying OUT LOUD that they control the world.

Vote in the poll. It’s fun if meaningless. And tell me what you think about it in the comments.

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