“Should we stop them?” – Apple store gets robbed in broad daylight by two thugs [VIDEO]

Two thugs walked right into a somewhat crowded Apple store and began jerking devices right off the tables in front of customers.

They made off with $35,000 in Apple devices.

This took place in the liberal mecca known as San Francisco where police have been told in the past to focus only on violent crimes by their Democrat city bosses.

Below is a video posted by a Tiktok user:

Here’s more via Fox5:

Two thieves made off with an estimated $35,000 in Apple products as they robbed the store in front of shocked holiday crowds.

It happened at the Apple store in Palo Alto, California in the afternoon on Black Friday.

Video posted to social media showed the two masked men grabbing iPhones and laptops throughout the store as customers tried to back out of their way.

An Apple employee allegedly heard one of the thieves threaten violence against anyone who tried to stop them, police acting Capt. James Reifschneider told Palo Alto Online.

The threat of violence reportedly elevated the crime to a robbery.

The men remain on the loose.

No one was injured in the incident.

Not a single employee tried to stop them. They just let them walk out with $35,000 in electronics.

Now I’m sure Apple has insurance to cover this, but let me remind you that this is exactly what led Walgreens to closing so many stores in San Francisco.

The amounts are much higher with this kind of robbery and this doesn’t fall under the misdemeanor law that was passed years ago by Democrats in California. But this kind of brazen theft should never be allowed in the first place.

Lawlessness spawns more lawlessness and it ruins a city over time. But more importantly, it puts many people’s lives in danger who might be caught in the way of these thugs, who likely work for a much bigger and dangerous criminal organization.

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