SICK: John Cena GROVELS to the Chinese for mistakenly calling Taiwan a ‘country’

In one of the most pathetic displays, actor and wrestler John Cena issued an apology to the Chinese people for mistakenly referring to Taiwan as a country:

DAILY BEAST – John Cena issued a groveling apology to his fans in China after he called Taiwan a country during an interview for his new Fast & Furious movie F9.

Earlier this month the former WWE star told a Taiwanese news outlet that the island would be “the first country that can watch” the new film. The video clip has since been taken down.

While Taiwan views itself as a democratic, sovereign state after it broke away from China in 1949, the People’s Republic of China believes otherwise, claiming Taiwan is a territory. It has vowed to eventually regain control there, even by force.

So after decades of tension, Chinese nationals were outraged over Cena’s remarks, especially because the 44-year-old is a beloved celebrity there, primarily through his career in the WWE.

Threatening to boycott the new movie, which has already raked in $135.6 million in China, Cena addressed the backlash with his tail between his legs on the popular Chinese social media app Weibo on Tuesday.

“I made a mistake,” Cena apologized profusely in Chinese, which he has studied for years. “Now I have to say one thing which is very, very, very important: I love and respect China and Chinese people.”

Here’s the video, which is in Chinese:

According to Joe Xu, this is what he said in the video: “I made one mistake. I have to say something very, very, very important now. I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m very, very sorry about my mistake. I apologise, I apologise, I’m very sorry.”

What’s so pathetic about this is that Cena wasn’t making an absolute affirmative statement that Taiwan is a country. He’s not activist fighting for Taiwan. No, he just made the comment in an offhand way when talking about who would get to see his film first. And for this, he grovels at the feet of the Chinese people. I thought he was supposed to be this big bad wrestler?

He’s just as bad as the NBA.

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