Situation in Portland is about to get worse with woke new prosecutor….

Right now things are pretty bad in Portland with violent rioting every night, with police officers getting injured as they seek to protect the city from Antifa and BLM terrorists. But it’s about to get worse with their woke new prosecutor (h/t: Hotair):

OREGONIAN – Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced on Tuesday that his office will not prosecute many protesters who have been arrested during recent Portland demonstrations.

Schmidt said his office will presumptively decline to prosecute those whose most serious accusation doesn’t involve deliberate property damage, theft or the use or threat of force against someone else.

Charges that fall under that category include interfering with a peace officer, second-degree disorderly conduct and rioting, among others.

Those whose most serious accusation involves a city ordinance violation will also not be prosecuted.

“As prosecutors, we acknowledge the depth of emotion that motivates these demonstrations and support those who are civically engaged through peaceful protesting,” Schmidt, who recently took office, said in a statement. “We will undermine public safety, not promote it, if we do not take action to bring about immediate change.”

So “interfering with a peace officer, second-degree disorderly conduct and rioting” are all legal now in Portland? I guess when police declare a riot and tell people to leave, rioters don’t have to listen to them anymore. Got it.

Also don’t worry about violating those pesky city ordinances either, because they aren’t important to Schmit either.

Just like other Democrat city leaders, it sounds like Schmidt is more concerned about this moment than he is about keeping the peace and enforcing the rule of law.

When Schmidt was asked about criticism that his new policy will promote lawlessness, he argued that he’ll prosecute the offenders who damage property and commit violence. But then said “if you’re just out there demonstrating and you get caught up in the melee and you get arrested for that because you were out there having your voice heard, those are the kinds of cases we’re talking about.”

In other words he’ll only prosecute the worst of the worst (lightly, no doubt) and let everyone else go free. That’s exactly what Portland needs to keep this madness going.

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