SJW tries to nail Sony for ‘cultural appropriation’ – and gets OBLITERATED…

This is one of the more satisfying and complete self-owns on Twitter that I have seen in a while. IN fact, it was so bad the perpetrator deleted her account. Yes.

So this is how it went down.

Some idiot social justice warrior with more outrage than sense in her head decided to accuse Sony, a Japanese company, of “cultural appropriation.”

Here’s her tweet, which doesn’t exist anymore:

Clearly, she was virtue signaling in an attempt to receive acclaim from her equally idiotic SJW peers. But, unfortunately, an actual Japanese person very politely slapped her down with some inconvenient facts about the man in question.

Now it must be noted that she was very civil and nice about it. No screaming needed. But she obliterated this idiot.

IN fact, her slap down was so humiliating that “@LilTigerBabe” doesn’t exist anymore. She blinked out of existence like [spoiler warning] half of the universe at the end of Infinity War.

Pretty cool. And it shows just how stupid it is for people to scream “cultural appropriation.” The alternative to cultural appropriation is segregation – is that what liberals want? Apparently….

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