Skeeter to push his Climate Change delusion onto all Federal Agencies

This whole Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming/Global Warming/Climate Change pseudo-science claptrap has been ripped apart a thousand ways from Sunday by a bevy of brilliant experts. Yet Skeeter and his ilk continue to push this scam onto us. He vowed to skirt the Congress and this is how he’s going to do it.

Bloomberg – President Barack Obama is preparing to tell all federal agencies for the first time that they have to consider the impact on global warming before approving major projects, from pipelines to highways. The result could be significant delays for natural gas- export facilities, ports for coal sales to Asia, and even new forest roads, industry lobbyists warn.

“It’s got us very freaked out,” said Ross Eisenberg, vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers, a Washington-based group that represents 11,000 companies such as Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) and Southern Co. (SO) The standards, which constitute guidance for agencies and not new regulations, are set to be issued in the coming weeks, according to lawyers briefed by administration officials.

In taking the step, Obama would be fulfilling a vow to act alone in the face of a Republican-run House of Representatives unwilling to pass measures limiting greenhouse gases. He’d expand a Nixon-era law that was intended to force agencies to assess the effect of projects on air, water and soil pollution.

“If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will,” Obama said last month during his State of the Union address. He pledged executive actions “to reduce pollution, prepare our communities for the consequences of climate change, and speed the transition to more sustainable sources of energy.”
The president is scheduled to deliver a speech on energy today outside Chicago.

While some U.S. agencies already take climate change into account when assessing projects, the new guidelines would apply across-the-board to all federal reviews. Industry lobbyists say they worry that projects could be tied up in lawsuits or administrative delays.


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45 thoughts on “Skeeter to push his Climate Change delusion onto all Federal Agencies

  1. Why is it that the Commander of the Pacific Fleet saying that global warming is now his biggest concern for the Fleet? Does he not know that China, N.Korea and Russia are all on the western shores of the pacific ocean?

  2. This is just cover for his plan to collapse the economy, enslave the populace and install a marxist/communist/ leninist government to control us all from cradle to grave. Lock and load, America!

  3. to paraphrase a quote from Gladiator…
    “The founding fathers had a dream that was the republic.  This is not it.  THIS IS NOT IT!”

  4. If our climate didn’t change we’d be in more trouble than anyone could imagine.  In fact it was 19 degrees in Wisconsin this morning–I’m ready for a few degrees of warming.  But seriously, it isn’t the climate that the libs are trying to fix but the opportunity to tax something new.

  5. ““If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will,” Obama said last month during his State of the Union address. ”
    That, in a nutshell, is what Obama is all about. It just proves that he has no use for either Congress or the Constitution, so whatever he can’t get through Congress he will impose on us through Executive Orders. This is an imperial president here who is determined to run the country his way and NOT the way the Founding Fathers wanted it to be run, with checks and balances preventing just this type of behavior. If this is what the next four years is going to look like, somebody in Congress is going to have to stand up to him and threaten to either de-fund every Federal agency that does this or shut down spending for the whole government until Obama stops doing this. He is NOT a king and should not be allowed to do this. What we need are people in Congress with the stones to stop this. Right now, I don’t  have those types of people, or at least not enough of them.

  6. Obama’s house of cards is collapsing. His leftist ideology toward Anthropogenic Global Warming is just another way to rely upon Keynesian economics to fundamentally change America. Printing dollars to the tune of about $85 billion per month which is then purchased by the Federal Reserve has already increase the cost food and gas prices, for example. Shortly that will be reflected in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). <b>IOUs to the Federal Reserve combined with borrowing some 40 cents per dollar that our government spends will lead to hyperinflation</b>.
    Also, the WaPo and ABC tried to hide the results of one question in their latest poll:
    Q: Who do you trust to do a better job handling the economy – (Obama) or (the Republicans in Congress)?
    Obama – 44%
    Republicans in Congress – 40%
    And that’s with all the RINOS in the GOP controlled Congress led by someone who needs to be replaced – Speaker Boehner.

  7. Rhetorical question from you! The leftists are never susceptible to rational argument or the truth. The House needs to defind much of the EPA budget. In my view the whole mess (morass) should go and the states should regulate matters within their jurisdictions. Off shore issues and national standards should be parcelled out among existing federal departments closest to the specific concerns at hand. This EPA has been a disaster from the beginning.
    More regs, more costs, fewer businesses.

    1. Rshill7 If that doesn’t work you must duplicate their actions, launch Hitlery and Bill into the sun and repeat it over and over until finally when they’re all gone, you can claim positively that it made no impact.

  8. “If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will…” (Commie-Pants)
    Let’s see…he does want to protect them from something that does not exist, but has no qualms at all about burying them under something that very much exists. Debt, taxes, diminished opportunities, and subjugation. This will make it even more difficult to transact business and will push us even further into debt, while keeping those “future generations” unemployed.
    It’s a great time to have an invertebrate at the helm of the House huh?

    1. Rshill7
      Unfortunately we have one of the biggest RINOs every…
      I personally think RINO is too far right of where Boehner is…  He is a full-fledge Progressive in sheep’s clothing.

      1. louisiana_mom Rshill7 You are correct.I am ashamed that he is from my state.Not from my district however.

    2. Liberalism is a progressive mental disorder.  Look at Pelosi, Reid and Biden and you can see where it leads.  In your wildest dreams would you ever think those three stooges would be the tools a narcissistic liar could use to transform one of greatest nations in the history of mankind against the wills of their citizens?  Ariel Durant said,. “A great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it destroys itself from within.” We have a front row seat watching that happen.

      1. volsense I believe “shock treatment” is in order for the lefties in Congress…by way of the next election cycle. Suffer we must with four more years of Zero. *pukes*

      2. volsense It is all designed to assume total marxist control over every facet of our lives.

  9. I soooo hate this livefyre.  It fills up my entire e-mail box that I have to go in and delete dozens of unnecessary mail. That is why my comments have been infrequent of lat.

    1. maynardb61 Mine too.I even went into the settings and set it for no e-mails and I am still receiving them.

      1. I have mine set to only e-mail when if I get a direct response from someone. It’s a big box with about 5 categories with dots beside them. It lets you check categories with those dots or put the dots to “none” within those categories. I turned them all off except for the one. Why would it work for me and not thee? I would go back in there, and see if it took.

        1. 57thunderbird Rshill7 Check out if you are monitoring threads you posted on at Livefyre.

        2. 57thunderbird Rshill7 I had the same problem. It took a couple of days for livefyre to catch up to the email request changes.

        3. No. If you do that, it will send you an e-mail every time anyone says anything on that thread.

    2. maynardb61 I had the same problem at first, but you can choose what type of updates you want emailed to at Livefyre – just click the username link. That drastically reduced the emails I was receiving from Livefyre.

  10. I guess he’s ignoring the recent evidence about the sun, the cycles it goes through, and its effect on the planet. Environmental global authoritarian Zero will stop at nothing to destroy this country.

    1. PatrickHenrysBody 
      It has nothing to do with climate change… It’s all about implementing the UN’s Agenda 21…  they are going to give the environment “rights” (earth, rocks, trees, grass, etc.) we will need to ask a panal of bureaucrats permission before we will be allowed to even dig a hole in the ground or mow our lawns.  It’s just another way for the elites to be able to control the masses.  We will not be able to grow our own food, thus be dependent upon the government to provide for us; we will not be able to provide our own heat, thus be dependent upon the government to provide for us; etc.  It’s all about CONTROL.

      1. louisiana_mom PatrickHenrysBody Yup.Everything this regime implements is about control

    2. PatrickHenrysBody Liberals always ignore evidence that is contrary to their ideological beliefs’

  11. I hope one (or perhaps a consortium) of the companies affected by this overreaching totalitarian will sue and force the judiciary to overturn its erroneous ruling on C02.
    Maybe Ted Cruz has some ideas about what they can do to rein in this monster.

      1. deTocqueville1 patriot077 I recall Mark saying that Landmark was suing for all the “pending” EPA rulings they were holding until after the election, so I know he has this on the radar. But there must be actions that can be taken by the House to make sure these unlawful actions are not funded.
        Or something!

  12. The tin pot dictator does whatever he pleases because he knows that nobody in D.C. has the stones to call him out.Imagine my surprise.Yawn.

    1. 57thunderbird Good things take time T-Bird.  I feel the same way most days, but when I do, I think about Cruz, and Rubio.  Remember that good things happen to those who wait provided they workith like hell while the waitith.  Which reminds me, it’s time to go to work to get the money to buy the pills which keep me alive so I can go to work.  Feel better now?

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