SNL NAILS Joe Biden for creepy touching and it’s hilarious!

SNL got honest for some unknown reason and they hit Joe Biden for his creepy behavior in their cold open.

It’s pretty funny:

Wow, that is surprising. Of course, they had to shoe-horn a jab at Trump voters, but overall, I thought it was rather funny.

Then there was this joke at the expense of Lori Loughnin:

That Star Wars joke, I saw it coming, but it still got me.

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56 thoughts on “SNL NAILS Joe Biden for creepy touching and it’s hilarious!

  1. It’s not surprising that SNL would try to take down Biden. He’s old, white, and done career-wise. Democrats don’t really want him and are perfectly willing to send him packing.

  2. It took me a while to remember who that was playing Biden, and it definitely looked like the same guy who played him in the 2012 debate with Paul Ryan. Then I remembered, Jason Sudekis, a former regular on SNL. Sure was refreshing to see them mocking “one of their own”.

  3. First of all Joe throws his teeth at us every 15 seconds.I saw none of that forced political smile.If that is the best comedy SNL can get out of Joe biden after watching his assault on women for the past several years,use the tagline “move on,nothing to see here.

  4. Typically dreary Saturday Night Dive. Far more so than Northern Idaho’s current dreary weather.

    1. @Ish

      Heh, I’m moving up there this spring! Please welcome a complete red blooded right wing California transplant, who’s heart was left in Idaho many years ago!

      1. @democratsrfubar
        Happy as a clam to welcome any conservative to the area! In truth, even when dreary, or cold as the proverbial witch’s tit, I
        Love it here. I’m sure you will as well.

        1. @Ish

          Dad was 30 year military, went to HS in Mt Home and college in Boise. California used to be Reagan country, now…it’s a wasteland.

    2. Wow, spent lots of summer vaca’s there as a kid, my dad was quite the fisherman/hunter..beautiful area!

  5. Just not funny at all to me. And notice how they had to take a swipe at Trump backers. Just could not resist or maybe it’s a lack of ability to focus.

  6. Funny for SNL, but I am sure they did it because they don’t want him to run. He is too moderate for a democrat.

  7. Sorry, Sooper. I didn’t think it was funny either. The lame forced shot that Trump voters didn’t care was unnecessary and insulting to 63 million people, or about .05% of their viewers.

  8. Unless they showed Biden as a child sexual assaulter, which he is, then they went soft on him.

  9. The Biden cold open? Meh. And I rarely use that word, but it fits here. Tepid. Mild. Inoffensive. You just know that if Biden was a Republican they would have hit it a whole lot harder.

    But the second clip had a couple of funny bits. I really liked the “disabled chicken” joke. “Just eat the chicken!” 😆 😆 😆 😆

    1. @nc I didn’t watch it, but I did work on a boneless chicken farm. Poor, limp, little things.

  10. Stopped watching after 2 minutes. Awful. The impersonation of Joe Biden himself isn’t even good

  11. Sorry, but maybe I am too old to see the humor in SNL. Or perhaps too right wing. To me the clip was too true for what Biden’s handlers will try to do to tone him down, if a politician on the right were doing this, the left would be planning a crucifixion.

  12. Boy, I thought I was the only one. Thanks guys for joining me on this. SNL stopped being funny during the Washington administration. To say it hilarious is jumping the shark. Passing gas is funnier than SNL.

  13. I am probably going to quit watching SNL clips here. It’s never funny, myopic (Trump hate), and not worth my time.

  14. Sorry, SNL stopped being funny after John Belushi died, he took the program with him.

      1. Good choice, Doc. As a person with an innate sense and gift of humor watching SNL could warp your finely honed wit, squishing it into melted dung pies, ensnaring it in the stifling stench of SNL (Sickening Nitwitted Lunacy) …… #walkaway

  15. I thought the Liz Warren eskimo reference amusing, but they still made Biden out to be a hero.

    1. @wendz Exactly! They made him look like he’s just trying to accommodate todays over-sensitive culture. I would think leftist women would find it offensive.

  16. Glossed over was the reference to Obama being half white. “Oh my gawd, you’re Obama’s granddaddy!”

  17. Hmm. Is it just me or did anyone else not find it too funny? It was really low hanging fruit for SNL and they could have hit it out of the park, yet it seems they were very careful not to make him look too bad.

  18. That was funny? Coulda fooled me. I giggled once when he said if he could find someone strong enough to pick him up. That’s it.

    And they threw in there about Trump and his voters not caring but Biden’s voters do. Sure they do. I’d say this is much worse than the behavior of both the Clintons. / sarc.

    I don’t even care so I know dam*** good and well that Democrats don’t care.

    1. Ya, didn’t find it funny either. SNL is extremely careful not to make DemoCraps look bad.

        1. @kong1967

          Yeah, they could have had a three hour show if they’d brought up the Clinton’s and the blue dress.

          1. @democratsrfubar If they did it like this one they’d make it about sex and not about the other aspects surrounding it. Like a threat to national security (pillow talk), trying to influence a witness, lying under oath, sexual harassment (Paula Jones…kiss it) …and whatever else.

    2. I thought the part about finding someone strong enough to lift him was kinda funny too, but that was it. Also, can’t appreciate the jab at Trump voters either.

      1. @squirrelly The jab didn’t bother me so much because it’s kind-of true…but not true. I voted for Trump but not because I didn’t care about the things he said. It was a priority thing. Hillary had to be stopped and it was a sacrifice I was willing to make with my vote. A vote I am very happy about now (for the most part).

        What I thought was stupid is how she said Democrat voters care…unlike Trump voters. That’s the biggest crock I’ve ever heard. They care so much they voted for both Clintons and ignored a drunken Kennedy letting a woman drown in a lake while he left for nine hours before reporting it.

        1. That’s a jab at Trump voters. Instead, they could’ve taken it the direction of voters accepted Trump’s mysogyny over Clinton’s corruption (or any number of problems with Clinton) which would be truth. It’s always ignored what the sickos in the D party have done. Rather they lift them up and lionize them. I didn’t vote for Trump, but at this point, I plan to in 2020.

          1. @squirrelly The reason I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 was connected to his character issue. But because he didn’t have a political record we could examine and trust, we had nothing much else to go on. Yes, we knew he was a good businessman, but the character issue caused me to doubt if he really meant what he was saying during his campaign. In short, I didn’t trust him.

            Well, he proved me wrong, thank God. He did mean what he said. So his “character issue” doesn’t mean much to me anymore, that’s a private matter that he and his family have to deal with. It has not in any way negatively affected his ability to do his job, even better than I could have hoped for.

            1. @nc-checks-and-balances The character issue weighed heavily on a lot of people. The way I looked at it was that Hillary’s character is extremely bad and in a corrupt and criminal way. Trump’s moral issues and character flaws became less important to me. A lot of people couldn’t put it behind them.

              And he still won. It’s a phenomenon I doubt anyone will ever be able to explain.

        2. @kong And what Dems still have never admitted is all the hanky panky that went on in the WH of the sainted JFK.

          There was no Twitter, Internet, or 24 hr news cycle in those days. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          1. @nc-checks-and-balances They don’t care about it. They don’t realize that it could compromise national security.

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