So Trump’s been busy this morning….

Trump has been very busy on Truth Social this morning and you can probably guess why.

It’s nothing but a rehash of all the lame arguments he’s been making for months trying to bully the greatest threat to his run for the Republican nomination. But it didn’t work.

As we’ve explained, Trump’s endorsement did help DeSantis but it wasn’t the end all be all. DeSantis was leading in some polls and Putnam was leading in others. But the bigger point is that Trump thinks he’s king and is upset that DeSantis isn’t a royal subject kissing his ring.

When it comes to Trump and loyalty, just ask Jeff Sessions about it.

The next one is about DeSantis’ record, but Trump is again lying about it:

DeSantis merely wanted to REFORM both Social Security and Medicare because they are doomed to fail at some point. He didn’t want to ‘obliterate’ anything.

This one is Trump’s super lame argument that he got more votes in Florida than DeSantis:

The reason it’s super lame is because Trump is comparing a presidential election to a midterm election. Everyone knows that far more people come out for a presidential election than do midterms. Thus vote counts are going to be higher. LAME!

The last one is just Trump attacking a huge supporter of DeSantis, Ken Cuccinelli, who used to work for Trump. I guess he’s not loyal either.

While I was writing this post, Trump retweeted crazy Laura Loomer claiming that DeSantis was a “promoter of the Russia Collusion HOAX”. But watch the video and see the ‘evidence’ for this conclusion. It’s laughable.

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