Socialist mayor Bill DeBlasio is getting obliterated on social media for this warning to the Jews

I would say you won’t believe this one but you probably will. Yesterday socialist totalitarian mayor Bill DeBlasio actually had the police break up a funeral gathering of a bunch of Jews who were mourning the coronavirus death of their beloved rabbi. Then he did this:

It was the middle tweet that really took the cake, and I think really incensed a lot of people. He could have criticized the gathering without singling out the Jews and then only adding other communities as an afterthought. You can imagine that it did not go well with the commie mayor on social media:

Ironically, commie Bill tweeted this just a few days ago:

Yeah. Awkward.

I do think the comparisons to HITLER are a little much, clearly the commie mayor is just a complete idiot and an a-hole, but I would not yet compare this to rounding up Jews to send them to concentration camps. Still, maybe the mayoral moron should get a social media expert to help him avoid such insanely stupid mistakes.

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