Sociologist says white males are DYING EARLIER because they VOTE wrong, but it can be REVERSED!!

A very very very smart sociologist has written a book that liberals love because he says that white males’ life expectancy is shortening because they vote the wrong way.

AND GUESS WHAT?! If they just vote the RIGHT way, for liberalism, they can start living longer again!!!

Some of his reasoning just fails immediately upon inspection. He says that people die more of gun violence in states with less restrictive gun laws. But he includes gun suicides – you’re telling me suicidal people will go on to live happy lives just because they can’t get their hands on an AR-15 to try to kill themselves very awkwardly? Sure, pal.

I mean, to be fair I haven’t read his book, but just based on how he tells it, his argument seems like a whole lot of “correlation is not causation” logic errors. There’s a million reasons why people don’t have very good health outcomes, and socializing medicine isn’t going to solve many of those, and it’s gonna make many worse.

Here’s a conundrum: the more far left weirdos tell us that whiteness is toxic, and that masculinity is toxic, so if this dude is right, shouldn’t they be HAPPY that white males are voting for policies that supposedly kill them? Wouldn’t they WANT white males’ life expectancy to shorten in order to reduce their effect on American life? Not really – what they really want is their vote.

I suspect the reasons why white male life expectancy is dropping has a lot to do with the hopelessness that comes from having jobs leave your town while Americans become less and less involved in their communities, their families, and their churches. Yes, maybe enlarging the role of the state in these parts of our lives might give us temporary alleviation of social ills, but the long term dependency on the state will eventually worsen American life and sap our prosperity. It’s not as easy as “vote for Democrats and you’ll live longer!!”

Anyway, let me know if you agree or disagree.

Also, have an open thread. Here’s some comment fodder:

How dare you say my speech should be infringed! YOUR SPEECH should be infringed!!! LOL!! Genius.


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