“Something weird is going on at Fox” – Trump rips Fox News

President Trump is not happy with Fox News again and he’s letting them know it tonight. He even called out their top news guy, Bret Baier:

Head-to-head polls this far in advance of the election are really meaningless, whether they are from Fox News, Rasmussen or the NY Times. Not just because we’re 1.5 years away from the election, which is a huge reason. But also because these pollsters typically poll everyone under the sun and not just likely voters. And there are just too many candidates running to get an accurate picture.

So why do them in the first place? It’s likely that some want to undermine and hurt Trump, who is already under a constant attack from the media and Democrats. But Fox News? I don’t know, but from his reaction I’m guessing that Trump believes Fox News is trying to undermine him as well.

Whatever the reason, Trump is clearly putting Baier and his team at Fox News in the fake news dog house tonight.

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