Son of Hamas author Mosab Hassan Yousef: Friend or foe?

Here at TRS we’ve always been a supporter of Mosab Yousef who wrote the book Son of Hamas. We even supported him being granted asylum in the United States when the feds were considering denying it. This was in 2010.

In early 2011, Walid Shoebat began to expose Mosab Yousef as a possible fraud but at the time I thought there might be a little confusion as it didn’t seem convincing to me. But Shoebat pressed on and actually translated from Arabic a couple of Yousef’s interviews, exposing him completely in 2011.

Fast forward to tonight when I sat down and watched the interviews (I know, over a year and a half late) and read an article Shoebat wrote about Yousef from May 2011. There is no more confusion, at least in my mind.

In short, Yousef is against Hamas and against terrorism, especially when it takes the lives of innocent people. This worked well for him working with the Shinbet as he wanted to save lives, including the life of his father, the founder of Hamas. He’s told the stories of his collaboration with Israel’s Shinbet in his book as well as in interviews in America. He’s made clear Israel was working for his agenda to save lives of Palestinians. As a Christian, he really seemed to have a heart for his people, for them to hear the truth of the Gospel. In everything he sounded as pro-Israeli as you get and his story was compelling and seemed to have all the right pieces to substantiate his claims.

But the audio I’ve listened to tonight with Walid Shoebat translating Yousef from the Arabic was quite troubling. In these interviews he would speak passionately about growing up under the Israeli occupation and how they committed criminal acts against his people:

With a balanced approach I discuss the life of the Palestinian child under the Israeli occupation, of course my life suffered under all the problems of murder and the criminal operations that were carried out by the Israeli occupation against my people, my family, myself, and against humanity.

See, Yousef isn’t pro-Israel after all. He’s certainly against the terrorist agenda of Hamas, however he still identifies with the Palestinian people and their Palestinian cause ‘against the occupation’ and believes they can have their victory over Israel:

We need to understand the difference between “revenge” and “resistance” and once the Palestinians do, we will have our victory against Israel.

Israel is the problem and as an occupation it needs to end. … There are many ways to do this besides the coward explosive operations.

With regret, our great leaders and mighty heroes and glorious defenders [of Hamas] over there did not realize that instead of spending their wealth and monies on silly issues, they needed to enlist in their ranks writers and educated individuals in order to reverse the image of the Palestinian struggle.

He even wore the kaffiyeh in one interview which according to Shoebat, symbolizes solidarity with the Palestinian people and their cause:

While Yousef is what Walid Shoebat calls an ‘Arab Christian’ and he is against the violent agenda of Hamas, he is still against the ‘Israeli occupation’ and identifies with the Palestinian cause. Shoebat says that Yousef has revealed himself to be “more double agent than turncoat”.

I highly recommend reading Walid Shoebat’s full article on Mosab Hassan Yousef and watching the interviews he’s translated on his website.

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