Son of Hamas Mosab Yousef: “Every mosque is a danger on American soil”

Yousef doesn’t mince words as he refers to Imam Rauf as a crazy person who is trying to put a ‘rock of division’ in the US that will cause lots of problems and violence.

I think one important point he made, that was missed by the host, was that these Islamic countries who want to fund the mosque will just send this money to American mosques which will then be used to fund the mosque and it will look like it’s coming from US mosques. Yousef says that the US doesn’t have control of this type of transfer of money.

Yousef says that as a former x-Shin Bet officer he believes every mosque posses a danger to America. Wow.

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5 thoughts on “Son of Hamas Mosab Yousef: “Every mosque is a danger on American soil”

  1. I am going to agree with this young man of Muslim ancestry. However the Mosque are not the most dangerous entities on our soil. The most dangerous thing today are Socialist and Communist associated with the Hijacked Democratic Party. There is a list of these enemies of the United States circulating around and everyone should become familiar with them. When I say them I am speaking of the 70 members of Congress that belong to this Socialist Communist group. They were elected by YOU the American Voter. You also elected the biggest Socialist Communist of them all. That is the supposed President. These 71 people do not deserve to be re-elected. They are in a position to weaken this country. That is there aim. We need to take aim and boot them out.

  2. No Muslim would ever listen to a Christian convert. They might kill him, but they won’t listen to him.

    He comes across as screaming Christian zealot. Which is exactly how liberals see all Christians so he just validates that label.

  3. This is a very revealing interview and probably one of the best I’ve heard so far on the topic of the ground zero mosque. I think Yousef is right on the mark when he essentially calls for the American Muslim community to oppose the building of the Mosque precisely for the reasons he lays out. I’ve heard of Yousef before but never heard him speak. Yousef along with Walid Shoebat are excellent apologists, and bring a more representative view of what most Arabs and Arab-Americans feel. Look forward to hearing more from Yousef.

  4. I haven’t seen him so impassioned before. He took on an angle which hasn’t really been talked about and it shows that he still cares about his “muslim brothers and sisters” as he has put it here and before. There will be repercussions to the muslim community here, and at the 4 minute mark to the 5 minute mark he really gets to the point. He said, paraphrasing of course, ‘people are trying to forget and you are building a monument on a graveyard’ and ‘you are opening a wound and pouring acid on it’- not the exact words, but his point was clear. Very well put!

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