Sore loser Maxine Waters VOWS to continue investigating Trump DESPITE Mueller findings!

“Aunty Maxine,” as the left calls her, went on MSNBC to declare that Democrats will continue to investigate Trump despite the Mueller report dropping without the indictments they expected.

Watch below:

I can’t help but think that if they continue pestering the president, and if they find nothing, then it is really going to hurt the Democrats. Americans aren’t supportive of attacking Trump just because they dislike his policies.

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Have an open thread.

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This is great:

Ahhh. So good.

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77 thoughts on “Sore loser Maxine Waters VOWS to continue investigating Trump DESPITE Mueller findings!

  1. Slapsie Maxie is a bitter, old loser!!!! Man, maximum torture would be to have a Trump voter confined to a room with that bitter, old woman for about 24-hours and to tell her that he/she supports Trump for reelection.

  2. Also, there isn’t just one “Great Wall of China.” Here’s a map of several of them….

    More compilation vids of media hackery…

    Edit: whoops, one of those compilations is the same one Sooper posted above. I got click happy like a kid with a brand new Internet connection.

  3. Most people don’t know this… but this is how 98% of the Great Wall of China really looks like.

    That’s never going to stop the Mongols!

  4. Maxipad Waters’ and her despicable far left cohorts have a pathological obsession with bringing Trump down at all costs. The core reason for their obsession… abject fear.

  5. Big mouth, nasty, ugly, corrupt old hag will never stop as long as it gets her the attention she obviously craves. And lest I be accused of misogyny or racism – Jerry Nadler is a nasty, ugly, fat little corrupt toad. A fat white toad!

    1. @kenoshamarge They lost what they were convinced was their ace-in-the-hole, the Russian collusion narrative. The marxist loons have switched to using the uber corrupt S.D.N.Y. in a desperate attempt to find anything they can use to derail Trump’s MAGA train. They’re goal is to tie Trump and his administration up in non stop negative controversy up to the 2020 election. The blithering ignorant fools are too stupid to realize that they are only strengthening Trumps advantage.

      1. The Dems in the FBI and DOJ attempted a coup and Mueller was supposed to find the “proof” they needed to take down a duly elected President. And idiot Waters, Shiffhead, Swalwell and MSM activists too numerous to mention beat the drums for years. No lie or innuendo too big or rotten.

        If the people of this country accept this kind of crap then we have all ready lost the battle. I am way past disgusted.

    2. And now that the report exonerates Trump, they are all rushing to move the goal posts. Not just the goal posts, they want to move the entire stadium…

      To another planet…

  6. So they’re just going to dig into anything and everything trying to find something they can cry foul over. We have all but officially become a banana republic. No need for a crime in order to be investigated. This is a shameful disgrace to be happening in the United States.

    1. Ah but in a banana republic an honest and courageous media fights to get the truth to the people. Here – the media fight to keep the truth from the people.

        1. @kong1967 Absolutely they have. They have been the liberals partners in crime every step of the way.

    2. @kong1967

      They planned for a very long time to “fundamentally change America” . From the time of Lenin to
      Obama: “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

      WE, the People let it happen, we have been lulled into complacency.

      1. @democratsrfubar For a large part, yes. The Tea Party was “awoken” and our own party gave them the middle finger. People have tried to push back but the fix is in.

        1. @kong1967 It’s only in and as long as we conservatives allow the GOP RINOS to keep winning back their seats.

          1. @conserve-58 I agree with that but removing them isn’t as easy as one would think. Removing incumbents for various reasons is difficult.

    1. @laphil

      Maxy knows no other way to make a living. She is identical like the other deranged in their party.

  7. Auntie Maxine looks like her face is melting under the extreme heat of the James Brown wig.

  8. The Maxine clip was out of sync and it looked like bad lip reading. It may as well have been for all of the sense she made. This has crossed into OCD territory for some people.

    1. @dr-strangelove IMO, the democrats have gone beyond being OCD. They’ve crossed into certifiable pathological obsession and clinically insane territory.

  9. That’s ok. It’s only taxpayer money. Someone should post how much this thing has cost been costing every week.

  10. Maxine Waters is the poster child of what is wrong with the demonrat party. Whoever is her overlord needs to back her off or he will lose in upcoming elections for the foreseeable future. That’s fine.

  11. Just what we’ve all been looking for, a gay man from South Bend to be president. He’ll never win, because even if they don’t say it out loud, people’s first thought when they read Buttigieg will be Buttplug.

  12. Here’s a good news story to buoy you going into the new week:

    William Mehrvarz was born in Iran and lived there until he was 26, whereupon he fled to the United States– why? Because at age 13, he read the Old Testament for the first time and it inspired him to convert from Islam to Judaism. Now he’s living in the United States and is a conservative, and well I could recap the whole story but you can read it all here:

    1. That is an interesting article and a perfect example of what “asylum” should afford those who are actually escaping terroristic regimes in their birth nation.

    1. That’s been done. Both are thieves. But they’re from California where that’s expected of politicians.

    1. I hope you are right but recent history of the democrat party does not support that. Pay attention to the democrats involved in this continued charade against Trump…Adam Schiff, Jerald Nadler, Kamala Harris (Holder and the entire obama administration) and everyone else who continues to attempt to distract the American people with unsubstantiated lies against Trump purely to protect and cover-up for the Clintons…because, if or when the Clintons are FINALLY fully exposed for the lawless traitors that they are, it will also expose the obama administration for their complacency in allowing Hillary to rape, pillage and destroy America during the entire period of her sting as Sec of State and her campaign, as well as all of the RINOs who knew but did nothing.

      1. @charli
        My most fervent hope that the bad guys get theirs, but I tend to see history in Biblical terms and know I have to wait.

        1. I agree and that is a perfect point. In both the Old and New Testaments scripture tells us that those who gain all their glory here on Earth have received all that they ever will, so as long as the Clintons step over others to get all that they can while here, they truly have all that they ever will have…and that is sad but of their own doing. Free will.

          1. @charli

            Yep. Agree whole heartedly! Enjoy while you can Hillary and all the rest of you like minded people – don’t say we didn’t try and change your way of thinking. You sold your soul to the 😈

  13. I will confess, I spent a lot more time with the NCAA tournament over this weekend than I did with politics– and it was a good weekend; after a tough 61-48 victory over Old Dominion on Thursday, Purdue had one of their best games of the year knocking off defending champion Villanova 87-61. Going into that game Purdue had never before defeated Villanova (0-4) and had lost 4 games and won none as a 3rd seed against a 6th seed in the tournament. So of course Purdue leading scorer Carsen Edwards had a career-high 42 points, made a Purdue-record (and UConn-building-record) nine 3-pointers, and Purdue gave Villanova its worst defeat in Villanova’s tournament history and the second-worst defeat of a defending champion in tournament history (second only to Loyola Marymount defeating Michigan in 1990 149-115).

    So now Purdue is in the regionals for the third straight year– where they lost in the regional semifinals the last two years. Purdue hasn’t made the regional finals since 2000, the Final Four since 1980, the national championship game since 1969, and they’ve never won the national title, despite twenty-four Big Ten titles (the most). They’ve had some of the worst tournament luck of anyone; last year their senior starting center 7’2″ Isaac Haas broke his arm in their first-round game, in 2010 after being ranked as high as 3rd in the country they lost star player Robbie Hummel to a torn ACL with three games left in the regular season, and three separate times in the 1980s they were sent to play their opening game of the tournament on the home floor of a lower seed and lost all three times (teams are no longer allowed to play tournament games on their home floor). In 1987 they were co-Big Ten champions with Indiana, with identical conference and regular-season records, yet Indiana got a #1 seed in the tournament and got to play the regional on their home floor on their way to a national title, while Purdue was given a 3rd seed and lost to 6th seed Florida in the second round.

    Yeah, it’s tough being a Purdue fan.

  14. That’s it auntie Maxine, you just keep vestigatin to your little ole heart’s content. It will keep you off the streets where you might hurt yourself.

  15. UK has been conquered!

    London’s Islamic mayor defends arrest of Christian preacher speaking about Jesus

    “There’s not an unlimited right to freedom of expression or free speech. There are limitations and there’s a balance that needs to be done”

    1. UK has been a lost cause for years now. Western nihilism has created a vacuum that the islamic fascists are rushing to fill over there.

    2. @MST3K I wonder how long before one of the “good muslims” people speak about is elected president.

  16. Amy Mek
    VICTORY in the Netherlands! #NEXIT

    Anti-Illegal Migration, Euroskeptic Dutch party wins BIG
    “Dutch Trump”, Thierry Baudet, 35, has emulated Trump’s policies of representing his OWN citizens interests, blasted the “cartel” of establishment parties & media.

  17. Make sure the camera is pointing away from you when you spit in your hand to rub it through your hair. Where do you even learn that from, cartoons?

  18. Has Maxine Waters ever spoken a single rational statement in her entire political career? I’m skeptical.

  19. Open thread?
    There is an 8 year old boy named Jaxon Verd-Hale who is at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma Wa. He had a stroke about a week ago and he’s not doing very well. Please don’t reply to this post, just pray for him.

  20. Let me quote myself from earlier today.

    “b) Mueller didn’t only leave it OPEN for AG Barr to interrupt, I believe Mueller did it intentionally to give the MSM and the Democrats plenty of room to continue with their attacks.

    These people will hound Trump until 2024 and beyond as an ex-president and civilian.

  21. Mad Max needs her head examined! She is freaky. This is not going to work in the dems favor! WAAAAAY too much crazy coming from them.

  22. “We hope you had a great weekend, and as always we appreciate your support in reading our posts, sharing our posts, and commenting in our little community.”

    Thank you Sooper for providing this “safe space” 😆 for all of us to share, vent & chat with others of like minds (mostly). And thanks for all the hilarious face stills & comedic narratives. :thumbsup:

    I have an amazing hubby that treated me out for a wonderful dinner Friday. It made my weekend happy. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

    1. @nc checks and balances Hah! That’s funny, because when Scoop mentioned it I knew I would be bopping too! 😆

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