Sorry CNN, Daily Beast, WaPo, AP, Dems, and etc: Not only DOES Antifa EXIST they’re headed for PRISON

Antifa, the organization which is divided up into terror cells and communicates over the internet in a sophisticated version of the same ways the press claims the January 6 protesters communicated (which they shut down an entire social media service over if you remember), is something that the press and Democrats have continued and continued to call “imaginary” and “bogeyman” and made-up by Trump and MAGA.

There’s nothing to see here, they have said for months and months as the terror group has committed crimes across the country, including murder.

Well now CNN and Jerry Nadler can go tell their story to the San Diego District Attorney and see if that office agrees.

That’s right, they exist, and at least ONE city is taking action against at least ONE of their cells.

From the article:

This week, the San Diego County District Attorney’s office charged 11 alleged antifa members with felony conspiracy and felony assault charges, among other crimes, in a riot case where supporters of former President Donald Trump and random bystanders were beaten in Pacific Beach, California in January. Eight suspects were arraigned this week; they have all pleaded not guilty.

Eight suspects were issued search and arrest warrants last week in San Diego County and Los Angeles County. Police recovered three guns, ammunition, body armor and drugs. The large operation to arrest the suspects involved mutual support from multiple law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Escondido. The case is sending shockwaves through far-left networks in Southern California, who have been raising funds for their comrades.

The criminal complaint accuses Alexander Akridge-Jacobs, 31, Jesse Merel Cannon, 31, Joseph Austin Gaskins, 21, Brian Lightfoot, 25, Christian Martinez, 23, Luis Francisco Mora, 30, Bryan Rivera, 21, Faraz Martin Talab, 27, Jeremy Jonathan White, 39, Samuel Howard Ogden, 24, and Erich Louis Yach, 37, of conspiring together and with other unidentified persons to riot and commit violent criminal acts in January.

“The Defendants are alleged to be affiliated with ANTIFA and are organized into two groups, one originating from Los Angeles and the other from San Diego,” reads the charging document. “ANTIFA is known to use force, fear, and violence to further their own interests and to suppress the interests of others. This tactic is referred to as ‘Direct Action’ and is known to mean acts of violence such as assault, battery, assault with deadly weapons, arson, and vandalism. The alleged object of this conspiracy was to incite and participate in a riot using direct action tactics.”

Newsweek explains the circumstances of the assaults and how it finally became a criminal case here.

Stephanie Ruhle, Jake Tapper, Joy Reid, Jerry Nadler, WaPo’s Mark Bray, the AP’s Alanna Durkin Richer, Colleen Long, & Michael Balsamo, the Daily Beast’s Kelly Weill and Spencer Ackerman — all are guilty of disinformation and misleading news articles, TV reports, and tweets and facebook posts. They lied and deliberately misled people about who and what Antifa is, repeatedly.

They won’t be held accountable. They won’t be banned from any website. They won’t have to issue any corrections. They’ll probably double down on their lies. But this list, while not complete, is some of the worst offenders. Be sure to note the names, share them if you want. Look up their many lies on Google or on Twitter or the WayBackMachine if you want proof.

They are complicit in these crimes. They are accessories after the fact. And they’ll keep getting away with it.

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