South Carolina looking at passing bill to nullify Obamacare

While hearings have been going on in Washington to get to the bottom of the Obamacare debacle, South Carolina has been holding its own hearings to see whether or not it can pass a law to nullify Obamacare within the state.


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81 thoughts on “South Carolina looking at passing bill to nullify Obamacare

  1. If Colorado can legalize pot….we can nullify O-NO-care.
    Doctors will flock to SC if SC nullfies O-NO-care.

  2. They should do something like Montana did with guns, and pass a law stating the Insurance within the State of South Carolina is totally the responsibility of the State, and the Federal Government has zero say in how Insurers shall be governed therein.

    That would take off like a rocket.

    1. Love the principle. I would argue it could be further extended to Education and a number of other things.

      You’ve also just highlighted the flaw in selling insurance across state lines.

      Doing so would lower costs and premiums with competition, but it also invites further intrusion by the Federal government under the Commerce Clause.

  3. Where’s Charlie Daniels?
    Gather round, gather round children, be proud…The South’s gonna do it again

    1. No….PRO Constitutional action.
      “If a law is UNJUST, a man is not only RIGHT to DISOBEY it, he is OBLIGATED to do so.”
      Thomas Jefferson

        1. So lets resist, but lets resist in a CONSTITUTIONAL WAY!

          Those quotes apply to the individual, NOT a State. Its amazing how people who claim to love the Constitution can justify going against it in the name of justice!

  4. I am a 10th Amendment hawk….the best place for the “governing ourselves process” is in the State where you live work and play. The Federal Government has no business Nationalizing our healthcare or health insurance and forcing us to buy it from them.

    The Federal role is building our Military, protecting the Nation and our borders from Foreign and Domestic enemies, Foreign Trade and treaties, Interstate Highways, and providing a sound Monetary system…think about how much power they have usurped from the States!

    If each State, was maximizing their assets and balancing their budgets, making their state the best place to live, work and play….they would be strong and in turn the USA would be strong and healthy.

    GO SOUTH CAROLINA…Thanks for standing up for your State and your citizens!

    1. Who need the Tenth? Obamcare violate the body of the Constitution in several ways. Put away your talons.

      1. Since Justice Roberts ruled Obamacare constitutional as a tax…the issue over whether it is constitutional is stymied…Obamacare has been enacted in to law.

        1. I’ll repeat it here:
          “If a law is UNJUST, a man is not only RIGHT to disobey it, he is OBLIGATED to do so.”
          Thomas Jefferson……who by the way refered to the Supreme Court as the “despotic branch”.

          1. I agree with you and Thomas Jefferson! To my mind Justice Roberts is a traitor…I want to know if he was blackmailed in to making that decision?

            1. I believe so. That is why this NSA spying is so alarming. O is blackmailing folks to get his way.

    2. Exactly the point I was making below. I don’t think my state granted this authority, ergo, we need not obey it. Don’t even fight it. Just issue a statement then ignore it.

      1. Well stated…I’m afraid I went off on a tangent LOL.. I am very passionate about State rights issue. We shouldn’t have to worry about the Feds they have the limited role.

        The Governor and Local races would be the “Rock Star” elections!

        1. Truly. If we had states’ rights (and I think that is the very nature of the Union) we would not worry so much about what Washington was up to. We shouldn’t have to live according to another state’s or another political party’s wishes.

          Let one state be as Liberal as they want and they won’t have to quarrel with Conservatives anymore! Win-win. Then, when their social experiment fails, as it naturally will, the people can learn from that failed experiment. Don’t like it? You are free to live elsewhere!

          1. The 10th Amendment is critical to making the Constitution work. Look at where we are now..the Federal Govt is massive, all powerful and we the people can not control it…it controls us.

    3. I agree Sally, wholeheartedly. The cure to many of the nation’s problems and conflicts, budgetary and even social, is a return to the principles of the 10th.

      Let the individual states and localities prioritize their spending and programs. Let them decide what their social values are. People and businesses can decide what community best reflects their values and interests, then respond accordingly. What they want their children taught. Etc.

      The $$$ saved alone in shutting down much of the bureaucratic overhead in D.C., that is more of a sorting machine to “redistribute” ,would allow those states to fund so many more things.

      Example: Our county’s annual budget. 49-53% of the total budget annually funds the schools. The Federal government supplies 1-2% of the funding, but 60-70 % of the mandates. The state funds another 48-50% of it, and 25-30% of the mandates. We fund the remainder, which varies from 48-52% depending on the year, but only have flexibility in 5-10 % of what our local priorities are.

      Remove the federal government from that equation, and our locality would have a 50/50 split with the state on not just funding, but funding priorities.

      1. It would be much easier to vet candidates in State elections and hold them accountable after elected, than the countless faceless nameless czars and agency heads in DC. There is a benefit when your elected officials live work and play in the same State as your family…they are equally invested in the State health, and it is harder to hide from the wrath of the people! I am for a fair tax or something better…as we have found out the IRS is dangerous and being used as an arm of POTUS to control us.

        1. I have one objection to the “fair tax” and one only. Different rates can be set for different things to control behavior.

          IE: Soda is taxed at 50%, water or milk at 10%.

          If something is written in that clearly states that it has to be uniform across the commodity, with no wiggle room, I could get behind it 100%.

  5. Been waiting for this one. If they can get the insurance companies to re-issue policies in SC that they cancelled, i don’t see any problems. Of course the insurance companies are under the thumb of Obama. It would require some courage on their parts to go along. I guess I just said why this won’t work.

      1. True, and Virginia has always been the first in the line of fire.

        All good with me, how many libs can I remove from the gene pool until they make me stop ?


    1. But at least it might be. We can hope, anyway. If they do secede, I would move there ASAP. Hot dog! Secession and warm weather too!

      1. I have no desire to see the nation torn apart.

        That said, if the Federal government continues to ignore the 10th Amendment, that may be the only option available.

        This time, the South has the resources to survive without the North. We also have a lot of good neighbors in the Midwest.

        1. The federal government cannot ignore the Tenth, without having ignored something in the Articles. If the power wasn’t delegated in Article 1, it wasn’t delegated – even if there was no Tenth.

          There is nothing more annoying than a person who presumes to know the Constitution and keeps prattling on vacuously about the Tenth.

          1. Hey know-it-all,

            Congress does things all the time that violate article 1. Education, Healthcare, everything but the specific enumerated powers. What’s your point ? You’re being condescending over a semantic and firing inside the same tent. Does that make you feel smarter ?

            It’s also not germane to the topic.

            The Civil War was not fought because “the federal government was violating Article 1 repeatedly.” It was fought over the Federal government’s continued meddling into “states rights”, that being the TENTH Amendment. The federal government repeatedly dictated to the states, and the people, policy and power that were specifically reserved for them via the TENTH amendment.

            There is nothing more annoying than someone who presumes to lectures others about which specific violation, of many, is taking place when the topic is one of past history repeating itself.

            1. The 10th Amendment did not give states the right to own people.
              It was all about slavery. I’ve read a history book published shortly after the Civil War ended and it was ALL about slavery. It was the South that ignored ‘states rights” with the Dred Scott decision.
              Don’t get me wrong….it is the South today that is the most conservative and I believe if we save this nation it will be because of the South, but let’s not rewrite the Civil War.

              1. History is written by the victors. You also make my point for me. The rights of the individual states to allow slavery, proper or not, was the core of the issue.

                I’m not arguing the merits of slavery, or trying to reargue the history, not even revisionist history. I think it was an abhorrent and dark part of our past. Nor did I say the 10th gave the states the right to own slaves.

                My point was that nullification and secession arguments were centered around “states rights”, not article 1. It was a response to one troll who didn’t actually read what I wrote, or actually follow the conversation.

                Slavery was the catalyst. It was the issue that created the rift that spun out of control. The argument for keeping them was centered around “states rights”. Whether that argument was valid or not is moot, it was the often stated excuse. The stated excuse was NOT article 1.

                The Missouri Compromise, Dred Scott, and the other acts and decisions fueled that rift, but what was at the core of all of it ? States rights. What states could do when it came to slavery. What they could not do. Fugitive slave laws, etc.

                Democrats wanted to keep their fellow man in physical chains. Today, those Democrats seek to enslave all of us with economic and bureaucratic binds. History repeats itself.

        2. Darrell, it appears to me that this nation has been torn apart, and it’s not just obama that caused it. He’s just a symptom, and a catalyst. The perfect stooge at the perfect time. I don’t see how we can survive as one nation and retain any freedom or rights.

          We have the resources to survive if we’re left alone. If we’re lucky, several states will cook up their own functioning replacement for obamacare, sell it to their constituents, and use that to begin withdrawing from other government programs and rejecting and ejecting federal laws and officials and agents. I hope.

  6. I foresee about 60% of the country moving to South Carolina! I live in Georgia. I hope we’ll follow suit with our neighbors!

  7. If they win and sustain this you will see other states eventually kick Obamacare to the curb just due to the unaffordable expansion of Medicaid alone.

    1. And if they manage it, especially if other states follow, we might see a massive increase in states’ rights and independence and a shriveling of the federal monster.

      I know, I know. But I can dream.

  8. This is positive. What a fantastic precedent this would set if they pass this and kick Obamacare out of their state. Lord willing…

  9. God bless SC for doing this.

    Also must add I’ve recently heard my guv Chris Christie is going to SC to campaign for Lindsey Graham and I thought he better watch himself because they’re liable to have an UNwelcoming committee waiting for him. SC is NOT NJ and his northeast liberal ways will not be appreciated which is why its one of the states I’d consider for a move.

    PS. My hubby yesterday spoke with someone who is moving from NJ to SC and their reason was they gotta get outta here. LOL

    1. Agree… It’s sickening to me that Christie is going to campaign for Lindsey Graham (Grahamnesty)… but the Donut King wouldn’t lift a powdered sugar-crusted finger to help Ken Cuccinelli. Christie IS part of the problem… and RINOs travel in herds. I will do everything I can to ensure Graham, McConnell, and Boehner are voted out – they are my main focus in 2014. Oh, and we’ll deal with Georgia too… Traitors with an ‘R’ behind their names – they’re outa here too. The GOPe is the main enemy we need to focus on.

      1. Christie is a political opportunist and he’s going to quickily find his Dem support here quickly fade. In an exit poll Tues they asked NJ voters in a Christie vs Clinton contest who they’d vote for and Hillary won by 6 pts.

        What the RINOs don’t understand is when the rubber meets the road all of their pandering only gets them an election loss. I think they’re so hyped on themselves they can’t see the forest for the trees because I can’t think of another reason they continually diss their own base. Fools they are and next year both they and the Dems are going to be taught a huge lesson by we the people.

    2. We will replace Lindsey Graham and then you will really be proud of us. My candidate is state senator Lee Bright who could be Ted Cruz’s twin!

  10. When the liberal “navigator” said that he sees how the law is helping those without insurance, I’d like to know who is it helping?

    I’d also like to know WHY then is it being forced on the rest of us? If liberal radicals wanted those who couldn’t afford health insurance to have a program whereby they could obtain it, then WHY didn’t they propose such a bill, instead they set out to fundamentally transform the health care industry and force you and I into their “one-size-fits-all” system.

    That’s called social marxism, not “choice”.

    1. They are forcing every one onto it to subsidize those that don’t already have health care. The Affordable part is misleading, they want every one on ACA to make it affordable for them not us. The more people who sign up the less the government needs to shell out for subsidies. You didn’t really think it meant insurance would be affordable for the average Joe did you? Like with education, this mess is what happens when politicians put their nose in something they have no experience or place in. Politicians and their regulations are the reason our students score so poorly compared to other industrialized nations and the ACA is going to give us horrible levels of healthcare and mortality rates compared to other industrialized nations. Think before you vote, you just might be voting your kids dumb and short lived.

    2. The ‘navigator’ sure looked the liberal part didn’t he? This law helps Nobama and liberals assume tighter control over America. It has NOTHING to do with health or helping America. But knowing you, you already knew that… so I’ll simmer down and digress. 🙂

  11. I hope they do it, and I hope every conservative state follows their lead. Then we can watch Holder and Obama spend billions on lawsuits. Obama will pull some crap like withholding money for schools or whatever. He takes hostages because he’s an extortionist.

      1. Lol…..I wish. Every time the states try exercising their rights Obama sues them. He’s the boss. But even though Obama spends millions of dollars of OUR money on lawsuits against US, we have to defeat the little prick.

        1. Maybe millions and millions of lawn signs and bumper stickers would be as effective as nullification. Imagine what they could say….

  12. Good on em, first of all. But It always boggles my mind when I hear states asking what they are allowed to do.

    Powers not granted the Fed are theirs! If they didn’t give Washington power, Washington doesn’t have it.

    It’s right in our name for crying out loud: we are united states. Independence is party of our national DNA and its time the Fed gets the message. States rights now!

    1. Yeah, states need to grow a pair and stand up to the overpowered federal government that has usurped all their rights.

  13. If the SC legislature wants to do this, they’d better act fast and quietly. Delaying will give opponents time to organize and wreak havoc, as they did in Wisconsin over their 2011 budget bill. Gov. Rick Snyder had the right idea, by quietly filing for Detroit bankruptcy before unions & democrats could block him.

    1. He can’t. Will you be surprised once he retires, we find out he was bought or blackmailed into his ruling? I won’t.

  14. My wife and I got notice yesterday we are losing our insurance. I am 64 and she is 63. I guess she may need maternity care added to our current plan.

    1. On the bright side birth controll is covered. Sorry for the sarcasism, I am past the finish line(67) and waiting for them to decide when it time for the final lap.

    2. Us too, but as seniors we could get another policy directly from insurance company avoiding and it took less than 25 minutes.

    3. Dang, I am sorry for all you guys. I’ve been a no healthcare contractor for a few months now but that may change soon.

      We’ve been trying to get on with Medishare. Christian cost sharing group

  15. I bet that obamacare is really about making invisible what ought to be obvious.
    My “theory” about this supposed health care mess is this:
    There was a guy on new jersey tv saying that some city hospitals deal with ‘trauma’ and half the cases are charity or medicaid. Well – to translate that into plain english, you have GANGS and they are shooting each other, stabbing each other, having drug overdoses and whatnot. But they don’t say that – they call it ‘trauma’. It sounds like a medical variation of Political Correctness.
    So, let us see … various types want out-of-control immigration. Those aliens hang out in gangs and do what gangstas do, and WE get to pick up the medical costs. Somebody ought to check out what it costs if someone gets stabbed or shot. I bet it drags out for months. I think somebody ought to tell the truth, without all the misleading terminology. Then I bet they get accused of Raaaaacism.

    1. A friend of mine who is a Dr. was sued by one of the “trauma Patients” you described above, for unnecessary pain and suffering after he was brought in with a gunshot wound and high on some kind of drugs. The Insurance Co and his attorney settled out of court. His insurance premiums went up. This happend so many times he left the county hospital system.

    2. @physicnut, I understand frustration but regardless of the reason a person needs medical care, that care can not be rejected, we who think we are do think we’re decent people? We understand people are born or drown into crap, so we can expect plenty of crap from crap, yet many great people have come out of that, they have benefited mankind greatly, but I’m not sure the issue is whether or not to let someone die in the street, shot, stabbed or someone having convulsions maybe from the overdose to die is where we should be looking, its a matter of common decency and law, not the law of the jungle, its not health in the cases you mention, its about money, but surly not to the cases of load your dead , walking by with the cart, coming by load your dead.
      Yes gangs , flash-mobs, Unions, democrats, and all the rest of the miscreants, surly are a major problem for America and Americans, but if we can help then we must not let anyone die in the street, sower or in hospital. We are helping to remove the real den of miscreants who are there in DC.

      Please pass this along, we need millions of Americans standing;

      Tea Party American
      Tea Party Express
      Tea Party Patriots
      Columbia,S.C. Tea Party
      Oath Keepers


      1. I just want an honest accounting of who is costing us – i am not making any policy recommendations – except to stem the flow of illegals into this country. The various groups – be they Chamber of Commerce, or Zuckerberg or La Raza – they yell and scream that some injustice is going on – or it is just in their interest to push immigration – well, THEY ought to pay the bills. Hit them in the wallet. You know very well that politicians are going to listen to Zuckerberg – he gets private meetings with them. All politicians do is spread the misery around. I bet they have NO CLUE what it is costing us, or WHO is costing us.

        1. Great point, Physics.

          Liberals are skilled at spending someone else’s money while holding tightly onto all of their resources.

        2. Your point is so right on! And its up to Americans to make the stand and bring the end to it. No one fought for Americans but only American’s, but even so, If it were only costing us in finances we could ride the wave for another 20 years, just as most have for the past 30 years, but Americans should know that now the day of reckoning has come, hasn’t it? But even so if so the wounded must be tended. Freedom and liberty is the reason for our fight, our nation as founded is the reason. Not tyranny trying to being pushed on Americans by our home grown traitors, oath breakers, worthy of their many stripes that should bleed, the despots of the late evening thieves.
          If Americans wait for a army to come over the hill to their rescue then they are bigger fools now than they were in 2008. but even so we fight on.

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