Speaking of #FakeNews, the New York Times inverts lie and truth in anti-Israel hit piece

The breathtaking dishonesty of the New York Times in unparalleled in the United States. Neither the Washington Post nor even MSNBC can match the NYT when it comes to spreading lies, propaganda, and non-factual, not-reality-based untruth.

Take, for example, an article for the technology section, of all things, that lets anti-Israel propaganda into a discussion about Facebook’s anti-Fake News tech.

Yes, in writing about Fake News, they propagate it. That’s a trick only the Newspaper of Record could pull off, and by “record” I mean it in the “Guinness Book of” sense. It’s a world record how crappy this is.

At Tablet, Liel Leibovitz explains. This is merely the introductory summary, excerpted. For the really full impact of the duplicity, you’ll need to click through.

On Saturday, Nellie Bowles, a technology reporter for The New York Times, wrote a piece about Campbell Brown, the former news anchor recently hired by Facebook to help the social media giant improve its relationship with the news media. One obvious problem is Facebook’s contribution to the dissemination of fake news, which Brown is now fighting. How? Let the Paper of Record tell you all about it.

“Ms. Brown,” wrote Bowles, “wants to use Facebook’s existing Watch product — a service introduced in 2017 as a premium product with more curation that has nonetheless been flooded with far-right conspiracy programming like ‘Palestinians Pay $400 million Pensions For Terrorist Families.’”

As those of us who are in the reality based community know, the Palestinian Authority’s financial support of terrorists and their families is very, very far from a conspiracy, far-right or otherwise. Reading Bowles’s report, for example, Lahav Harkov, the Knesset reporter for The Jerusalem Post, took to Twitter to share some of her meticulous reporting on the Palestinian pay-for-slay program with Bowles: Read the real news, and you’ll learn that, in 2017, the PA doled out more than $347 million to families of terrorists who had murdered Jews, …READ MORE

You may be thinking, “but Fred, that’s more anti-Right Wing than it is anti-Israel”, and of course you’d be ridiculously wrong. It’s clearly both.

It’s a smear that this FACT is a conspiracy concocted by the right, a liberal trope that it is only the RIGHT that is spreading fake news via Facebook (fake news comes from every possible political leaning, the better to maximize click return), and it’s especially anti-Israel on the substance.

They are claiming that this is a conspiracy theory on the right because they want to paint Palestine as a beautiful and oppressed nation of sinless victims, and Israel as the evil oppressor using propaganda against them.

The layers are amazing. It’s a piece about combating propaganda on Facebook that is itself propaganda because it paints a truth as propaganda in order to further the propaganda of the nation that is the subject of the non-propaganda.

Sort through that if you can. Or don’t. But read the numbers (and the tweets) to see how bad this hit-job by the Times really is.

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