Stacey Abrams makes laughable claim to dispute the high voter turnout in Georgia…

Stacey Abrams was asked today by a reporter about the high voter turnout for the Georgia primaries. Specifically, she was asked if it’s possible that Democrats were wrong about the new election law suppressing the vote.

Abrams responded that high voter turnout and voter suppression by the new law have nothing to do with each other.


Abrams said “The question about voter suppression and voter turnout is…correlation without causation. We know that increased turnout has nothing to do with suppression. Suppression is about whether you make it difficult for voters to access the ballot.”

How idiotic and stupid. If there was true voter suppression as she claims, and if the election law really did make it more difficult for voters to access the ballot, then the numbers would be going down, not up.

According to reports from Georgia’s Secretary of State they aren’t just going up, they are skyrocketing.

And to make matters worse for Abram’s ridiculous argument, it’s not just the number of white voters that are dramatically increasing. Reports yesterday said that the minority turnout was “especially high” during early voting.

Abrams is just a sore loser continuing to make excuses for losing. She lost to Kemp before and she immediately blamed it on voter suppression. She’s never conceded that race, by the way, and now she’s trying again for another go. And she knows that the new election law makes it harder for Democrats to steal the election and get her a victory. That’s what all of phony baloney about voter suppression is all about.

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