***UPDATED: CBS REFUTES*** Stephanie Cutter: Benghazi attack only matters politically because Romney/Ryan are politicizing it


This is almost breathtaking. Stephanie Cutter actually says that Romney and Ryan talking about the Benghazi terrorist attack and how it’s being handled by the administration is reckless and irresponsible. She says the only reason it’s a “political topic” is because Romney and Ryan are pushing it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter:

(via Buzzfeed)

UPDATE: She responded to BuzzFeed on twitter:

Bullcrap! Tell that to Pat Smith!

UPDATE: Jan Crawford tweets Buzzfeed and says that Romney hardly ever mentions Benghazi:

BOOM! Stephanie Cutter caught lying again! And this time by CBS News!

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140 thoughts on “***UPDATED: CBS REFUTES*** Stephanie Cutter: Benghazi attack only matters politically because Romney/Ryan are politicizing it

  1. Stephanie is just as evil as the man she speaks for. And the wheels are coming off!!! Losing it isn’t she?

  2. This is what happens when small minded incompetent inept people of insidious, sinister, vile, and unscrupulous motives, ie; anti-American liberal progressive socialist marxist ideological mentality, come into power and authority, they destroy the very core and system of US Constitutional governance, and along with it, have allied themselves with America’s enemies, from without, for they have become the enemies of America from within.

  3. This woman is evil and despicable! I have to say that it’s just not enough for me that this evil administration be voted out. I want them the h e l l out of my country! How dare they act so callous about the lives of these men! They are responsible for killing more men and women in uniform than Bush was and they never take responsibility for their actions! Now the have the blood of a US Ambassador on their hands! Benghazi doesn’t matter?! It’s only a political issue?! Really?! Say that to the families of these men who were brutally murdered/ slaughtered! I just saw Bret Baer interview this sorry piece of excrement and he was stunned at her answers! It’s a sad day when a CNN reporter retorts to Cutter’s insolence better than Baer! He should have verbally taken her to the wood shed!

    1. Well done, for working in the desperation factor! (Absent that, it goes even sooner, since little kids born today would all still need feeding for many years.)

  4. The Great Divider.

    Grand Master teller of tall tales.

    Abysmal track record.

    Truckload of broken promises.

    Perpetual abject failure.

    Running for reelection…

    What do?


    Lie. Then Lie. And then Lie some more.

    That’s the ticket!

  5. I don’t understand!?!? AMERICANS are killed in Libya on the anniversary of the day of terror known as 9/11 and she has the attitude of, “move along, nothing to see here.”

    Benghazi should be a national media event, Romney should bring it up whenever possible to show America the failures of our current POTUS. This is something that the media should be pressing THIS administration for answers on. Don’t let up til the TRUTH is told.

    We lost FOUR AMERICANS and a lie was perpetrated upon us and she wants to sluff it off as if nothing happened? As if Romeny wasn’t bringing it up, then it never happened? That should cause ALL of us to stand up and DEMAND the TRUTH from the president, the state department, the military and the media! We owe it to the ambassador and his security team and their families.

  6. These people remind me of a favorite saying of an old friend of mine:

    “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way down.”

  7. It matters to all Americans because if we have an administration that is lying to us about national security then we need to know about it! I dare you lady to get in the face of those that lost these four people and say that. My bet is on them to knock you head off!

  8. Patterico @ patterico.com has had several posts regarding Jan Crawford in light of therightscoop’s revlation of the strategizing by reporters at the Libya press conference conducted by Romney. Patterico claimed that he knows Jan Crawford personally and can vouch for her impartiality. I was skeptical at the time but maybe he was onto something in light of her tweet today.

  9. Okay…I am so sick of this $ITCH I cannot stand it anymore. This female piece of dog dropping has the GALL to tell us that Benghazi was NO BIG DEAL. You insensitive WITCH….4 dead Americans because your NARCISSITIC AHOLE ignored any request for security and then had the FRICKING NERVE TO BLAME A VIDEO!!

    He has been SHOWN TO BE A LIAR and a FRAUD. This female dog dropping knows this is hurting the PRESIDENT big time as each new morsel comes out. His spiking the football has been destoyed. Everyone knows now Al-QEADA is very much ALIVE AND WELL and sorry that Pansy in the WH did not get Bin Laden…the Seals did….and he has done nothing to disrupt Al-Qeada along with his now growing ARAB WINTER. His Foreign Policy is in shambles and the last debate he will get a BEAT DOWN by Romney and this dyke knows it!

    I dare this Witch to tell Pat Smith to her face THIS IS NO BIG DEAL!

    Cutter the Absolute Gutter!

  10. THAT is who CUTTER reminds me of ….SAMANTHA of BEWITCHED !!!

    EXCEPT….she can’t be a nice witch, she is more like the MOM, the E-V-I-L one !

    Sorry lib-turds, this nit-wit can’t put 2 sentences together with out saying something profoundly stupid and un-American.

    I would cut that CUTTER WITCH loose, with witch craft Moochie has, going back in time, 6 months ago.

    Saying BENGHAZI does not matter is BEYOND even a liberal “progressive” thing to say.
    Well, maybe not, the commies in Chicago will say and do anything for OBOZO to gain politically. SHE is a real nasty piece of work, and THAT SMIRK, THAT PROGRESSIVE SMIRK is just CREEPY as HELL !

    She also may need a Doctors help after going “blame Mitt” 100% of the time.
    I mean, she is STUCK on STUPID.

    Really, she may be cracking up under the pressure (no joke), I am sure PLUFF, AXEL, and GIBBY are going to blame her….well……after that DEBBIE Nin-com-poop who actully looks and acts more like a witch.

    Where do these Chicago Thugs get these “women”?

    I think if these 2 get together with Maddie boy and that other one who is the vile LEZ who attacks Anne Romney for fun, no gain for any reason except to destroy.

    How proud you folks must be, even if OBUMMER wins, he gets IMPEACHED.
    He also has 150 MILLION Americans who hate him, plus AL Queda is after him because he won’t, well did not for a while, stop BRAGGING that he killed Bin Laden.

    WHAT a dope! I mean really, who other of 43 Presidents would have BRAGGED HE DID IT.
    This and CUTTER, and DEBBIE, and PLUFF/AXEL/GIBBY, and Bite-me, and Hillary/BJ Bill and all of MSNBC are the REASONS O-BLAME-O is gonna lose IMHO, but TYRANT could win if the takers vote him in,

  11. “um, uh, the reason, um, uh”. Wow it is really dificult to speak extemporaneously and sound credible when the only material you have is more made up BS from the obama regime. In another three weeks or so stephanie can get back down to her regular corner and try to earn an honest living.

  12. Lies, lies, lies and MORE GD LIES ! I have had absolutely enough of these people ! Between her and the other dimwit…Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic party should be real proud. NOT !

  13. The Obama-bots are making it very hard on parents who have to try and explain to their children that lying and cheating are not acceptable. These tools subvert everyday moral teachings… everyday.

  14. Not only is this breathtaking, it points to a soullessness that is staggering. That “special place in he!!” is gaining more reserved seats as the days progress (no pun intended) and the lies continue.

  15. That is one cold beeyatch. I’m just wondering if she is running her local witch’s guild. She sure has the tools for the job.

      1. Exactly. What’s a few dead diplomats to a yenta like her anyways. She’s got an election to run…Priorities…priorities…She’s as cold as a witch’s teat.

  16. Romney needs to stop taking a pass. This is all about foreign policy and he needs to show he is the responsible person to deal with these issues.

  17. I’d like to sell this clown “a great slighty used car” cheap.*

    *Driven little, low miles, slight water damage. CASH-as is only. Former 1x owner from New Orleans during Katrina.

  18. I guess when you’re a political hack like Cutter is, it’s easy to ignore reality and try to blame other people for your problems. What is shameful about this is that Cutter has absolutely no desire to get to the bottom of what really happened, thereby endangering even more Americans around the world. That is truly stunning. And all because the Obama administration doesn’t want to admit that both terrorism and al Qaeda are still major threats to this country. Like I said, that’s simply stunning.

  19. Four people died in a terror attack on 9/11/12, but it is just politics….well, for democrats anyway.

  20. Hmm..usually I like to say something that drives our liberal Stasi crazy, but blaming Mitt Romney for the utter failure of foreign policy is probably the most morally reprehensible thing you could even allude to, much less explicitly say.

    Hey Cutter, how about saying that to Ms. Smith’s face?

    Send the scum home in November. That’s right; I said scum!

  21. I hope Romney smokes obama like a fattie with Benghazi in the foreign policy debate – my money sez he will

    1. Romney will remain silent. He is a RINO and avoids conflict. I want Chris Christy to tear O’Bambi a new one and Allen West to serve up the 2nd course.

      1. Romney may not be as aggressive on this as you would like, but he’s certainly not been “silent.” He has nothing to gain at this point by injecting himself into the mess, especially after being hammered for the (perfectly reasonsable) statement he made about the attack on 9/12. When your opponent is heading 100 mph down a dead-end road, just get out of the way.

  22. I watched the interview and watched SC’s face change as it went along. She wanted to talk Romney/Ryan when the interview was all about the admin. and the American ppl getting to hear the truth. She is one of the most disgusting females along side Debbie Wasserman Shultz that I have ever watched. She owes an apology to the familys of the men who died and to the American ppl, whom she thinks is stupid, then she should resign from her “job”.

  23. translated…the very Angry Leftist Witch does not want it talked about. She in fact is in favor of the cover up perpetrated by the Obama administration.

  24. Here’s my question. Which is on topic, but also could be a general inquiry:


    I mean, really, are these people THIS stupid?? THIS pathological?? THIS **EVIL**??!

    Or is it the fault of some brain-eating parasite??

    Holy Flippin’ COW, I’m so disgusted with these damn fools.

  25. Four Americans are dead and she’s talking politics………sad.

    Obama lies and she defends him…………..sick

    Thinking the American people are going to buy into the lies…………….stupid.

  26. The very real problem with what Stephanie Cutter said here, is that she just told the entire world that the Democrats don’t care about what happened in Libya.

    Every single Democrat should now be asked if they agree with Obama/Biden that being lied to about dead Americans is no big deal….

    1. The questions that will hit home are when Ryan offers it up to Biden tonight and Romney offers it up to O’Bambi next week. “Do you agree with Miss Cutter on her statement that 4 dead Americans are no BFD?”

  27. It’s reckless and irresponsible of Romney and Ryan to bring up the incompetence in the WH that got people killed? Oh, yeah, the murder of 4 Americans is a non-story so Romney needs to shut his freaking mouth.

    But you know what? She’s right. The MSM would have ignored this and essentially it would have been a non-story. Everyone should just bow down and ignore corruption coming from a traitor in the WH.

  28. Yeah, sure – after watching this, tell me that, Stephanie – say it again. Just. Try. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0ArFli16UU&feature=player_embedded You should be ASHAMED! If you are even capable of shame, you tool, you fellow-traveler, you sick, sick woman.

    And, thanks for the update, RS. I would LOVE to have Stephanie Cutter say that to Mrs. Smith’s face. I wonder how long it would take for Stephanie to eat her words (and maybe a few teeth…..nah, that poor, wronged grieving mother is too CLASSY for that!).

  29. She has no soul, brain, or heart. When she drinks kool-aid, she drinks the “Libtard Special Reserve” which comes by the barrel only. She is the kind of being (hardly a human at all) that would have done well under the Stalin or Hitler Regimes. Goebbels would have had a special place in his heart for this most useful of useful idiots.

  30. She has tied things up in my book with Debbie Wasserman Schultz as most annoying liberal female(s).

  31. That picture on her Twitter account disgusts me. Someone who loves and respects this country would lie her arse off like that.

    And she’s tweeting w/buzzfeed? Yeah, two lying liars so guess that makes sense.

  32. Stephanie: “POTUS’ priorities are getting facts & bringing terrorists to justice.”

    It would seem POTUS priorities are evading facts & bringing terrorists to our embassies.

    1. So Stephanie, why did O’Bambi and Hitlary use our tax money to buy ad time on Pakistani TV blaming the video? Oh that’s right, because O’Bambi was pandering for illegal foreign contributions from Pakistan. After all, he is a hero there because…the Pakistani doctor that outed Bin Laden is in prison.

      1. Poor little Bambi, a cute little baby deer. What would Bambi lovers think about this dangerous criminal in the White House being compared to that fawn?

          1. Think of his initials B. O…. P. U.! I would say Obama is a son of hell, but not Satan himself.

  33. Boy that’s what I call turning the tables..who politicized dead Americans in the first place?? So I guess now that they fear nothing from the U.S.. they are just going to take out all our Security in the Middle East..Could someone tell her four people are DEAD!! They really do think of them as bumps in the road..

  34. I’m impotent so don’t take this the wrong way… what I say is not actionable. I’m not going postal or anything.

    I’ve had it up to here with this ignorant witch. She was either bullied all her life or was a bully and now has some power and a national stage to purge her venom on America. There’s not a single worthwhile thing she can say that is worth listening to. And the bile that spews from her mouth is hurtful and wicked. She seems to underpin everything she says with the sentiment of “how dare you question the brilliance of Barack Obama”.

    I’m sick of looking at her twisted smirk or hearing her preppy snark voice. She’s a scab.

  35. I know she’s just parroting the talking points she’s fed by the campaign, but even Cutter should have enough pull to tell her boss that she won’t go on live TV and say something like this.

    1. Obama is the pimp and the w****s in his pig sty will lie for him, tell him he’s wonderful and stroke him — Hillary, Susan Smith, Stephanie Cutter- no different from any typical Chicago street ho.

      1. Please don’t forget Barbara Doherty. She is carrying O’Bambi’s water even though her son was murdered in Benghazi as a direct result of O’Bambi’s actions and lack thereof. Sorry her son is dead but when you carry the Won’s water, you bear the risk of being left behind.

          1. Thanks!  This is the Seal that Mitt Romney knew and she took Mitt to task for honoring her son.  She’s a piece of work.

    2. The problem is that these women, using that term very loosely because they appear to be very loose, are setting women’s suffrage back 100 years. I would love this b!tch, the f!uke and DWS to stand in front of me and spew this venom to my face. They will always remember the cat fight they then lose.

  36. Wow. This may actually be more stunning than Obama getting crushed last week. She has to be on Romney’s payroll.

  37. I just read the update!
    ‘POTUS’ priorities are getting facts and bringing terrorists to justice’

    Cutter, we all know this president’s real priorities:

    1) HIMSELF
    2) Saving Big Bird
    3) ‘Eye Candy’ for The View sluts
    4) Speaking of sluts… Fluke
    5) Letterman

    Obama is an absolute embarrassment to the office and by far, the worst president this nation has ever known!

  38. it matters because, americans died when it could’ve been prevented. it matters because we were lied to by the administration. it matters because how can we trust an administration that lies to us? it matters because others could be in danger. it matters because we may need to change our policies. it matters, because we need to protect our ambassadors. it matters stephanie cutter because Al Qaeda is alive and well.

    1. How could a woman not understand that? What has happened to women in the liberal world? They are no longer even human.

      1. You just gave me goosebumps because my daughter just called me crying saying mom why do women hate children, and I said what’s wrong she has three one in school and twin three year olds and she was letting them push the little baskets and they were being good but two ladies looked at them with venom and said , why aren’t they in school and she said they’re three…I told her those women want you to be as miserable and lonely as they are, just ignore them..but it’s true they are sub human…

        1. That doesn’t remind me of the women I grew up around. It makes be think of the venomous controlling liberal creatures you meet at any artsy area near an ocean.

          1. I know…I was lucky that way too all the women were so loving and family oriented…whenever I’m at the store I always try to smile at the insecure women who actually dared to have their kids..lol..

          2. They kind of remind me of a certain woman….

            The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication
            Revelation 17:4

      1. The Living Legend, Ann Barnhardt, uses slices of bacon to mark the more revealing passages in her copy of the Koo Ran…

        Frankly I think that’s going overboard. I just tear the most interesting pages out and store them in an old Crisco can and pull one out at random any time I need a laugh.

  39. Obama and his administration (and minions) are demonstrating that they have no value for human life. I am appalled at their total lack of concern for the loss of American lives to terrorism!

    Just another ‘bump in the road’ to them!

    We need to send these pigs home on Nov 6!

    1. This entire administration should be sent to the guillotine.

      Every time I think they can’t be any more despicable, they out-do themselves.

      1. And he caught between Iraq and an hard place in Jordan. Should he back the country who has received 450 million dollars a year for over a decade from the US and has remained neutral in these take overs by Muslim rats or does he go against the United States and back The Obama Circle of Jerks, the Muslim bother-hood? I think Prescient Dung for Brains has finally come to the point where he will have to either

        a. declare war on the United States
        b. s***; or
        c. go blind.

        Couldn’t happen to a nicer POMS

    2. They didn’t care much about the deaths of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, and the unknown number of dead Mexicans from F&F either.

      1. 2besusie — Good point!
        Obama has been more passionate about saving Big Bird than in dealing with the terrorist attacks and F&F.

  40. I believe that this stupid bitch should be sent to Libya as the new Ambassador with NO security. We can only hope that they would rape her for 4 hours before killing her like they did to Amb. Stevens.

    1. Would only work if she batted for the girl’s team. The Mooslims are sending a “gay” message to America.

    2. MyMarine, you know I love you, but your comment is a bit much. Someone flagged you, so would you mind cleaning it up a bit? I don’t want to edit it because I understand your anger. ((()))s

      1. Actually, since they are lying and depreciating the importance of a dead Ambassador, two former SEALS and a State Dept. IT guy, no I won’t. Nothing personal, and Scoop always has a right to delete it, but I won’t equivocate on this issue. My bad language doesn’t hold a candle to their treason.

  41. yeah… it totally wouldnt matter that our ambassador and 3 other americans were killed and that the administration lied about the nature of their deaths if Romney/Ryan weren’t using it to show how incompitent we are… geez…

  42. Cutter, and Axlerod are the gifts that keep giving. Much like their leader, Anita Dunn before them…

      1. You’re giving us seniors a bad name. Many of the seniors I know belong to tea parties who are strongly opposed to the nonsense idiots like Cutter spew.

  43. I wonder if this creature will even survive after Obozo bites the big one on Nov. 6. Such a rabid animal could only be put down. There is no cure for this foul disease. Ah, puke- that helped..

  44. Stephanie, don’t you think the American public deserve some HONEST answers from your boss and the leader of the free world? Oh, never mind, Stephanie, you’re just being the good employee and trying to defect blame onto the Republicans. Does that bother you in the least, knowing that four Americans died in service to our country and your boss won’t be forthcoming with some truthful answers? You must be stronger than me because I couldn’t or wouldn’t do that no matter if it cost me my job. Truth does matter regardless of what obama tells you!!!!!

    1. This is THEIR mistake; they think we are as blind and deceived as they are. On Nov 6th they will learn otherwise.

    2. Stephanie, along with the other Obamabots all around this country don’t care if 4 Americans died. That is a small price to pay for their supreme leader. Heck, a percentage of Obamabots have killed more than 4 themselves, just take a look at black on black gang killings and gang membership.

    3. As Obama throws his sycophants under the bus by making obvious babbling fools out of them like Stephanie Cutter, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Jay Carney, it is easy to see how they can be construed as the new version of the original three stooges.

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