Stephen A. Smith: Democrats take black people for granted

But by the same token, he says that blacks tend to vote for democrats without question and that’s not good either.

Stephen A. Smith was on Parker/Spitzer last night talking politics and while he was classy, he was truthful. When talking about the black vote for the democrats he said that it’s not like the old days when someone said ‘flatter me’ to a politician, but that in many cases Blacks tend to vote democrat without even hearing the argument. I think that’s true all over the place to be honest, but I do think that the Tea Party has made some headway there and more people are evaluating candidates nowadays for more than just their party. He also adds though that while he doesn’t dig into policy like his hosts, he does look at outcomes in the black community and sees a major disparity between the what the democrats are saying and what is actually happening and that’s why he says that democrats are taking black people for granted.

I noted above that he was classy and that was clear when they asked him why there aren’t any black people in the Tea Party. He was quick to say that while he does believe there are black people in the tea party, he’s not there to denigrate the tea party but that he respects them for their positions on lower taxes and smaller government. That’s a pretty rare thing to hear from typical guests in the MSM.

All in all it’s a great interview. I have a lot of respect for Smith even though I would disagree with him on some finer points in this interview. But one thing I would love is if Fox News picked him up to do his own political commentary show. How awesome would that be?!

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