Stephen Colbert argues for eliminating the Senate because of the filibuster and he’s not joking…

The radical leftist Stephen Colbert actually argued last night, while interviewing Elizabeth Warren, that if Democrats can’t get rid of the filibuster, the country should get rid of the Senate. And he’s 100% serious about it:

Colbert calls it the most anti-Democratic institution next to the judiciary and says “I don’t understand what possible positive purpose the United States Senate provides right now.”

Are you kidding me? He’s clearly a leftist loon because most of the country would argue that the Senate is the only institution standing in the way of radical socialists trying to finish transforming this country. If it weren’t for Manchin and Sinema, the nationalization of elections would have already happened and we’d seriously be looking at a new constitutional convention to stop this madness or possibly figuring out which states should secede and how fast we can move there.

It’s unbelievable. He’s ready to throw out the entire Senate because Democrats can’t get their way. Can you imagine how he’d react if Republicans had the presidency, the House, and only had 50 Senate seats and Tucker Carlson said we should abolish the Senate because Republicans couldn’t get their way??

Colbert is exactly like all the other Democrats who want to tear down institutions just to get their way. Trump puts too many Supreme Court justices on the bench? ABOLISH IT. Senate Democrats can’t get rid of the filibuster? ABOLISH THE SENATE.

He’s every bit the dictator wannabe he always claimed Trump to be.

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