Stephen Miller absolutely WRECKS Biden rally: ‘An angry person shouting in an empty parking lot’

“Joe Biden is a SHADOW” of his old self. That’s what Trump adviser and speechwriter Stephen Miller said when he went on Fox today and totally destroyed Biden’s disastrous campaigning..

“Hillary Clinton when she was running four years ago, she was arguably in her prime, when she was running. Joe Biden is a shadow of who he used to be,” said Miller. “I mean, we just saw he concluded his remarks, he seemed like an angry person shouting in an empty parking lot for 30 minutes.”

If I was the kind of dude who says “oh snap” this would the time for me to say “oh snap.” Because DANG.

“It was completely incoherent and the American people saw it in the debate,” he added. So true.

“The sharp contrast between President Trump, somebody who is vital, somebody who has energy, somebody who has a vision and frankly, somebody who has completely been exhausted of all energy, all vim, all vigor in Joe Biden, and he was flagging toward the end of the debate.”


[Updated with embedded video]

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