Steve King: SOTU is about splitting the Republican Party and Republicans don’t see it coming…

Despite Boehner’s eagerness to make a deal on immigration, Steve King believes that we shouldn’t even have the immigration debate right now because there’s no way to get good immigration legislation to Obama’s desk. Even more than that, though, he argues that Obama will talk about three things in the SOTU that are intended to split the Republican Party and Republicans don’t see it coming:

KING: There’s no good pathway that I can see that good immigration legislation can get to the president’s desk without amnesty attached, without the gang of eight’s bill in the Senate being attached in many of its nefarious forms.

We shouldn’t talk about it Wolf. There’s no reason to have the debate. All it does is split the Republican Party.

BLITZER: Well, that debate is going to happen. The president will make a big issue out of it. It looks like Boehner is ready to try to make a piece-meal deal. We’ll see if they can despite your opposition.

KING: Oh watch the president’s State of the Union address, he will bring up three things: unemployment benefits, increasing the minimum wage and immigration. All of them, Democrats are essentially unanimous on, and all of them split the Republican Party right down the middle. That’s their attempt. We’ll see that coming and Republicans ought to see it coming. It’s a pretty obvious play.

Watch the full clip as King talks in more detail about Republicans and the immigration debate:

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61 thoughts on “Steve King: SOTU is about splitting the Republican Party and Republicans don’t see it coming…

  1. The liberty school realizes that demands for “equality” are little more than slogans conjured up by those attempting to exploit emotions.

  2. I knew that- as do all the conservative (terrorist, wacko birds, crazies, and any other slur applied by the intellectually challenged) who have been preparing for the coming crisis!

  3. Is it not interesting that the separation of those who believed in this nation, the George Washington’s, the Thomas Jefferson’s, and JAMES
    JACKSON OF GEORGIA, viewed an America, a federalism completely different from the travesty of Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Adams and all those of the concept of authoritarian, ‘central planning’ that the Republican—central planning—Party advanced today.

    How, how can anyone in their wildest of imagination, illusion, or perhaps some hallucination assisted by imbibing in marijuana use ever conceive that the Republican Party can blame others. How can the disgraceful
    actions of the Republican Party even suggest there is anything more responsible than their actions? How can the ‘Republican…central planning…Party, in the absolute dismissal of any political party that represents the idealism, the philosophy, or any of the principles of our design, suggest it is not them?

    In the realty of our reality, we have a stoner for president that can’t make sense. The last thing we need is an alternative of a political party with the same problem.

    1. The democrats long ago put the Declaration and the Constitution in the trash bin. They’ve adopted an unAmerican, antiAmerican ideology in its place: progressivism.

      Outside of a dozen republicans, they’ve abandoned their oath to defend the Constitution and our individual rights.

  4. Well of course Obama wants to split the Republican party… but we’re doing a fine job of it ourselves without the monster’s paws in it too. There are the GOPe elitists and the conservative Republicans. The conservatives are struggling to save the party, the GOPe wants to morph the party into a liberal arm of the Demoncrap part. So, this is nothing new… And yes, going after immigration right now, right before the elections later this year is EXACTLY what these monsters want – it’s political suicide for the Republicans. Finally, they should boycott this spectacle of a SOTU. We all know it’s going to be lies, propaganda, projection, demonization… that it’s going to be a steaming pile of crap. And since they can’t scream, “You Lie!”, even though our monster is in fact lying (his lips are moving aren’t they?), what’s the point in sitting there and listening to him vomit up more lies and B.S.?

  5. Remove John Boehner as Speaker. We need a real leader who will actually fight Obama and the Democrats. Boehner rolls over for Obama then pressures the Republicans members of the House to fall in line.

  6. Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, Ryan and others in the House, McCain, Collins, Graham, Flake and others in the Senate will roll over like little puppies so that Dear Leader can scratch their bellies. To actually stand up to the bully and for the American people won’t happen. All of them, both parties, all drink from the same Potomac sewage, they consider themselves our betters, we are the unwashed and ignorant and we just don’t know what’s good for us. We’re from the government and we just want to help. Gag, Puke!

  7. I think King meant to say, “State of the Coup Address”. After all, 0 has a pen and a phone, what does he need congress for?

  8. The rino establishment leadership DOES see it coming and they support it. Both, the obamessiah and the rino leadership are out to destroy the Tea Party.

  9. You guys have already said everything substantive, but my other thought is have you EVER heard Wolf Blitzer introduce any (D) as “controversial”? Yeah, no.

  10. To avoid splitting the republican party, which side is supposed to concede to the other? Let it split. At least we’ll have one half the party standing its ground on constitutional principles.

  11. The stupid establishment RINO Republicrats against the Tea Party Conservatives…”We The People” WILL prevail! Americans are so sick of these destructive termites!

  12. this really is an uneducated comment. one thing for sure Republicans, Tea party, Conservatives will never vote Democrat…so how can they be split? you mean everyone’s turning on the Good Old boys (business as usual club) News alert..They are on their way OUT. we are tired of Old School Politics and that’s going to change the republican party is stronger now than it’s been in a long time…

  13. The Ohio primary is May 6th – #FireBoehner
    The KY primary is May 20th –
    Focu$ your attention

  14. The Only reason b.o. is pushin` immigration so hard is because the Senate Bill gives a free pass to anyone who has ever forged or fabricated any government form for the purpose of identification. So much for Sheriff Joe`s posse, and all their research. Pretty Sneaky, I`d say….

      1. That’s crazy talk, you’re just talking complete craziness now! Have you gone off your meds, how dare you call reform amnesty, only crazy racists do that… Or in leftist speak, “I don’t see the connection.” LOL!

  15. Blitzer cheer-leading for Boehner. That’s all we need to know about the GOP.

    I learned the “bipartisan” shuffle the other night at Arthur Murray. Two hard steps left. One soft step back to the right.

    Split it right down the middle Obama. Hard and fast. Lets get this over with. I am sick and tired of being bled to death by these parasites.

    America is soon to be past the point of no return. Replacing the GOP Progressives with defenders of a Constitutional Republic is our only chance to restore freedom.

    1. If Boehner caves on immigration…….what should be a landslide victory for the GOP will be the biggest loss for the GOP, the House and Senate might be democrat…………..Boehner doesn’t see it coming……………….

  16. 1. Immigration reform not needed. Enforce existing laws.

    2. All raising the minimum wage does is raise the cost of living/business and winds up doing nothing.

    3.Sadly unemployment benefit extensions are needed. Where are the unemployed expected to find a job in the Obama depression?

    1. #3 should be the rallying cry!!! Why is the economy so bad after 5 years? Is the argument of failure that we should be hearing!

    2. OK Sandra. What is the cutoff point for unemployment? What is the time limit? I’m currently collecting since I was laid off 10/1/13, and I’m getting as much money as I was at that time. It’s addictive. You have to get to a point where you have to get off. I don’t know what happens to others then, but what I do know is that necessity is the mother of invention, and what I did was to start a new business. It can be done, and I don’t have much capital but my last check will be coming on 1/31 and I will have collected fort 90 day and I appreciate the hand up from unemployment while I get my business started, but it’s time to get off the tit if you have any backbone at all. Otherwise you become part of the problem rather than the solution. So again how long is long enough? You ask ” where do you find work in this economy?” You move. You work your butt off. You get scared. You take anything. You keep trying, but woe is me is not an option.

      1. You’ve got a point. I got laid off a few years ago and once it got nice out I found it a lot easier to go bike riding and target shooting than to look for a job. When my first 26 weeks ran out, they automatically extended my benefits, I didn’t even have to ask. It’s real easy to fall into that trap when they’re just handing out the money.

  17. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. For one thing most Americans are against citizenship to illegals. Also the minimum wage and extended benefits are nothing compared to how he has skrewed America with obamacare and the fact that under him good paying jobs are basically non existent. Top that off with the fact that no one believes his lies anymore and have little faith in anything he does, so I say let him blabber, he is just like a fart in a wind storm.

    1. I seem to remember another significant bill that most Americans were against.
      I think we need to be very worried about Immigration “reform” and the pResident’s pen.

        1. Yes, it is pretty obvious that these elected representatives of the citizens are less interested in representing us than satisfying cronies and acquiring new voters.

    2. That’s why the House bill will not grant full citizenship to illegals, just some form of status to allow illegals to stay. That will permit the House to claim they are against amnesty. However, Boehner knows that when the House and Senate bills are reconciled, they will keep parts of both bills. Somehow the amnesty part of the Senate bill will quietly and “accidentally” find its way into the final bill. Boehner will throw up his hands and pretend he was hit will a surprise succor punch. But in the end, he will rally the troupes to vote for final passage because “it’s the best we can do.” This has already been secretly agreed to. The only thing that can stop it is if the majority of Americans who are against amnesty wake up and make their voices heard.

  18. What a great constitutionalist patriot he is. I believe the GOPe leadership and many in the RINO segment of the Party do indeed see it and are complict. They wish to demonize and destroy the conservative forces in America.

      1. It is a sellout. The funny thing is that if you take the GOP establishment at face value, stay with me for a minute, their excuse is that amnesty will expand the base despite the fact Its is unpopular.

        The Truth is if the GOP establishment wanted to expand their base fighting amnesty is a winner. You can become the defender of the working poor, legal Hispanic immigrants who lose their jobs to illegal workers and defend black men who have a 15% unemployment rate.

        1. there is no way to expand the voting base with illegals, you would have to have at least %50+ percent of them voting republican to have any net gain. they know that’s not going to happen.

          they know they will not get that, its all about bribes from lobbyist and their belief that we will continue to be sheep and vote for them just because of the (R) by their names

          1. the GOP is blind……….Obama won re-election, that should have opened their eyes, that people didn’t come out to vote for the “R’s”, even though Obama is a terrible president……the base doesn’t vote only for “r’s”….you have to earn their vote………….

        2. Boehner and McConnell are bowing to the US Chamber of Commerce on amnesty – it has nothing to do with the party. It is all about the high-paying jobs they will be rewarded with by the crony-capitalists when they decide to retire from Congress. They are feathering their own nests – it is the only thing that makes sense. They’ve been bought and paid for!

        1. I really believe that he has the relationships to be an extremely effective Speaker. He’s a legislator, not an executive.

    1. in doing so, the GOP is destroying themselves………they don’t see it coming…………too bad…………….

  19. As far as the minimum wage is concerned, people can’t see the forest
    through the trees.
    A company has a low level clerical worker making somewhere between
    $10.00 and $15.00 per hour. We have data entry people working
    in that wage range. A company also has mid level workers making between $15.00 and $20.00 per hour.
    Then the minimum wage kicks in at between $10.00 and $15.00 per hour.
    What happens? The low level clerical worker thinks they should be
    making more than the McDonald’s worker and the mid level worker
    thinks they need to be making more than the low level clerical worker.
    All wages go up out of necessity. The costs of producing go up
    accordingly. The prices at the retail level rise.

    Americans are not focused on immigration right now. They want
    jobs in order to feed their families. Their budgets are being stretched
    with higher food and gasoline prices, along with the increased costs
    of health care.

    Adding to the time frame one can get unemployment benefits
    is ridiculous. Get off the couch; hit the pavement and find a job
    even if it is not in your chosen field. Man up.

    1. a long lasting, healthy economy, brings more productive indigenous people. illegal immigration brings a failing middle class and imports illiteracy, crime, dependence and poverty.
      responsible people do not have kids they cannot afford. a vibrant economy and a growing middle class is key to population growth that is productive.
      illiterate, unskilled, uneducated, non-English speakers are a burden on society, bringing population that cannot sustain its self, they are net takers, not net producers. ridding ourselves of them creates opportunity and grows the middle class and a productive increasing population.
      we need to demand what is right from politicians. don’t give up, take them to task and force them to do the right thing or be involved enough to get rid of them, be they democrat or republican

  20. the republican party will never win another national election if they pass amnesty, their are many issues like the first and second amendments etc…. in which I demand “purity” amnesty is one of them.
    ***and lets be clear if it is not repatriation it IS amnesty***
    amnesty is NOT a moderate position, its as far left as it gets, stomps on the rule of law, the wellbeing of americans and disenfranchises american citizens.
    let me make it perfectly clear NO amnesty supporter will ever get my vote, if republicans force amnesty upon us no republican will ever again get my vote, unless its in a primary just to remove a seated politician, then I will not support them in the general.
    if amnesty passes we are done, period. a permanent demokkkrat majority with a wage slave citizenry. “at that point what difference will it make” who is elected.
    amnesty is the murder of the nation, of anything and everything that has ever made us great. I will not sanction my murderers just because they have (R) next to their name instead of (D). voting for the lesser of two evils has put us into the shythole we are in, and when you vote for those out to destroy us, you contribute to the destruction and your own suicide. even if the (R) vs (D) are “kinder, gentler” slower destroyers, kind of like lethal injection vs electric chair

    1. I really do not think the GOP establish cares if they ever again win a majority or even their own reelection.

      The first row and second row seats in the American Oligarchy have been allocated. Republicans like Boehner have second row seats and are now just posturing for an extra zero tacked on their family trust in the Caymans.

      They have greatly underestimated us.

      1. I hope you are right……I’ve lost faith in the American voter, after they’ve elected this “evil” twice!

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