Steven Crowder goes UNDERCOVER: ‘Stealing’ Illegal Immigrant’s Jobs!

Steven Crowder took to the streets undercover to find out if illegals were really doing the jobs that Americans didn’t want to do. He says the results will genuinely shock you. Also it’s pretty funny!


Wow $45,000 or higher a year tax free is pretty dang good. I have friends and family members that wish they could bring home that kind of money and they’d be fine with paying taxes on it!

I loved it when he started down bidding the illegals, but it was easy because most of them wouldn’t work below a certain dollar amount, as he showed with that one guy who wouldn’t work for less than $160 a day.

And that last part where he had a group in the back of his truck…well that was just funny. Also a little sad, but still funny. LA RAZA!

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