‘STOP GASLIGHTING!’ Elon Musk slaps Ted Lieu’s gross disinformation, but Dem is FAR from only propagandist panicking

Stop gaslighting AMERICA, actually. Which is what Democrats and the media are doing right now, colluding openly on the Twitter timeline and behind the scenes, repeating one another’s talking points, retweeting each other in an incestuous orgy of gaslighting, revision, and massive deception.

It’s almost impossible to tell at any given moment whether one of these stupid tweets is from the press or an elected Democrat or a liberal activist or, I don’t know, Krampus? Think of bad guys. Whoever you thought of it is doing it.

Here’s Lieu’s:

They always ALWAYS try to claim we are the ones doing what they are actually doing. And, uh, newsflash. Trump was LITERALLY silenced by the app. He was not only reach limited, prevented from trends, and slapped with warning labels, THEY BANNED HIM REMEMBER???

Musk replied.

This next one is one of the most pure examples of gaslighting I’ve ever seen.

Uh, Ted? It’s about the CENSORING of the story by you and your fellow conspirators. Pretending it’s just people still talking about the original laptop story two years later is EXTRA SUPERSIZE WITH CHEESE GASLIGHTING.

Plus this:

But Lieu’s b.s. is not remotely isolated. It’s from every member of the media and every democrat. Oh and another guy.

I mean it very literally when I say EVERY one of the media and libs, there are actual zero exceptions. Liz Wheeler sums it up effectively:

We can’t let them get away with this, and I think with the new dynamic, they aren’t. I mean … they ARE getting away with it as far as the media goes. But regular everyday Americans are seeing the truth online more and more, even on Twitter thanks to Musk.

Dems and Media’s days are numbered for being able to control speech. Sadly, that’s a big number, I think, and it can get worse before it gets better. They won’t go quietly. The propaganda regime will go into overdrive in January.


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