“Students of Color ONLY” – Black principal bans white children from after school tutoring program

This is an amazing story. In short, Andrea Pearson, Mission Viejo Elementary school principal in Colorado sent a letter home with students that informed the parents of an after school tutoring program for students of color only – no white kids allowed. (As I point out in the title, the principal is black.) This created an uproar so much so that the school district is now overriding the principal and trying to correct the matter. As for Pearson, it doesn’t suggest anything about his job status, something I think should at least be in question.


Oh I can’t wait to hear what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have to say about this. A principal segregating based on skin color? Is this not against everything they stand for? Oh wait, it actually isn’t against everything they stand for. The principal would have to be white and the victims would have to be black kids for this to cause them to care.

(h/t: Daily Caller)

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153 thoughts on ““Students of Color ONLY” – Black principal bans white children from after school tutoring program

  1. I believe the principal is just being that smart although it may turn out racist to everyone who’s affected by these actions but I believe that Andrea knows what she’s doing…

  2. I haven’t met a race more pathetic when it comes to the urban blacks whiny and pouty quick to anger slow to befriend all the rural african-American great people. theres a differance

  3. This is what happens when these programs crop up and no one objects. Others take silence as implicit approval for bad and malicious behavior. Well done to the parents of the Aurora, Co school and I encourage them to file a title ix civil rights complaint against this school.

    This has been going on since last year at my school but I am having difficulty getting others to recognize this as discrimination? https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-lR4_HpV-pdcURySWNjX1BGa0E/edit?usp=sharing

  4. This reminds me of the fact that some African leaders say that white people from Africa don’t have the right to call themselves African Americans while black people who have never been to Africa can use that term. The world is a crazy place.

  5. How “black” do you have to be? Would a white person have to prove, by genetic lineage, that they do indeed, have a n-word in the woodpile, and qualify for the program? You go on and try, you short-sighted principal. Your ‘hood colors are showing.

  6. and you know -nothing- is going to happen to this bigot because their skin color automatically gives them a magical aura of protection when it comes to being just as hateful as anyone who wore a sheet and hood. black people can be just as hateful as any southern white was back in the day, just look at jackson, sharpton and the rest of their ilk verbally masturbating people like this principle that it’s OK to be hateful and spiteful and full of vitriol over perceived self entitlement and voicing their agenda of SPECIAL rights, not just equal rights.

  7. And all this time we were led to believe racism was only from the white people.
    Now we know it can be a two-way street—or 3 or 4, enter your number here______

  8. This is so sad. The youngest generation has little to no racism. At least that is what I observed with my daughters and their multi race friends. Why is this principal trying to change all that by pointing out the difference in skin color?

  9. Where is the NAACP, ACLU, black caucus, and the administration on this racist thingy. They should be all over this. Whoops, I forgot, it’s only racist if whitey does it.

  10. Newsflash…racism is racism…no matter what the color of the skin is! It appears to be cool to bash caucasians…even if they had nothing to do with bigotry or slavery! It’s a sick mentality and frankly proves that those practicing it, no matter what their race is, should be yanked out of and banned from any form of leadership!

  11. Ironically, the principal is actually being racist towards minorities. He’s saying that minorities are unable to intellectually compete with white students. Therefore, they need the extra tutoring to be on the same level as smarter whites. The idiot doesn’t realize that he’s discriminating not only against whites, but against the very people he’s trying to help. Bottom line: this jackass needs to be fired.

    1. Great Comment. I understand the anger at first but everyone must realize this is one man. Not the entire Black race in America.

  12. So when some people talk about equal rights for minorities, they actually want to reverse the discrimination. Equal opportunity for all and “integration” are the last things they really want.

  13. white against black
    black against Hispanic
    Hispanic against white
    rich against poor
    north against south
    the coasts against the interior
    blue against red
    union against non-union
    Democrats against Republicans
    takers against payers
    academia against America
    white collar against blue collar
    legal immigrants against illegal immigrants
    men against women
    women against men
    young against the old
    gangs against other gangs
    liberals against conservatives
    the government against the people
    federal government against state government
    tax payers against non-taxpayers
    wall street against main street
    the house against the senate
    lawyers against doctors
    the NRA against tyranny

    Division…the driving force behind Obama’s regime.

        1. I suppose I can’t blame, I would too. Anyway, they get to spend more taxpayer money when they go different ways, wait until the girls are old enough to travel by themselves.

          1. Yeah read a report that budget cuts will affect the White House too. That means only 3 vacations this year and they have to take them together. Oh the horror…

  14. Racism is racism, no matter what color you are. The mainstream media always wants to make believe there is no such thing as a black bigot. This just proves that, as usual, the mainstream media is wrong.

    1. The malignant leftist media makes it a point to coverup black bigotry. In fact, there is more bigotry since the race baiters like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson made it their life’s work in order to extort money from whites.

      Barack Obama’s presidency has intentionally fueled the flames of racism. From his election is 08 continuing to this day, he encouraged discrimination and racial divide, using every race card in the book to destroy America. Because he is the leader of this racial bigotry, they’ve ignored black on white crimes and continue to make victims out of perps.

      Obama has set race relations back 100 yrs with his tacit permission to go after ‘whitey’.


    The alpha-wolf rules the omega, the omega strives to be the alpha, and all wolves eat sheep and rabbits. Equality cannot exist, that is evident in nature.

    The bell curve, or normal distribution, governs nature. Some people are exceptionally successful, some are exceptional failures, most occupy a broad spectrum around the average. Wherever you look in biology you will find the bell curve. For socialist democrats to claim they can overcome the bell curve of nature and make all men equal is pure insane foolishness. All men should have equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. To force equal outcomes is unnatural and requires oppressive government intervention and loss of freedom. And even after massive government intervention the bell curve will still exist. The elite successes will be government cronies, and the other extreme of the bell curve will be big government’s political enemies.

    Meanwhile, the average man will be oppressed into an unnatural mediocre average to give the poor delinquent degenerates of the world the illusion of equality. The good bright hard-working people will not be allowed more success than the bad, stupid, and lazy people. To socialists it is more important to appease the lower half of the average than to foster the natural success of the upper half of the average. The only way out of the government-enforced mediocre average will be to become a government crony. Such an unnatural system will require murderously oppressive government intervention. Many people will have to die to beat down the bell curve humans share with all nature.

    The relevance all this bell curve talk has to this story is related the fact that many blacks in America fall on the lower part of the socioeconomic bell curve. Liberals insist that this cannot be possible so they intend to beat the bell curve down until blacks fall more toward average. Blacks will still be just as successful as they are now. Everyone else will not be allowed to get any more successful than the average black person of today. The whole big unnatural scheme is all a racist plot born out of hatred of the white race and the belief that white success has not been earned, but stolen from non-whites. To remedy that they intend to take what whites have, pry it out of their dead fingers if they have to, and redistribute it to the non-white masses. They have no concept that white success has anything at all to do with hard work and ingenuity. To them it is all a matter of taking without earning. If they have any sense, they will notice once western civilization is gone and there is no one left to take from that there will be no more modern civilization. Once there is no one left to take from then we will all live in a country something like a cross between Somalia and Mexico.

    1. Let’s have a white only after school tutoring program. Heck yeh! You think that the “authorities” would give a crap if this thing hadn’t made the media? Think again. This is no longer about helping “minorities” this is about demonizing and discriminating against whites. Sickens me to my stomach.

      I heard the other day that 80% of black students in university would NOT have made it there except for “positive discrimination”. Great.

  16. In my hometown in northern MN. “Native American preference” is included in many adverts for school/city/county jobs

      1. Because the courts have let them. It is time to end affirmative action. It won’t be long before whites are actually the minority in this country and all those racial preference laws for minorities will actually apply to whites and not people of color, at least by number definition.

        There are already cases going to court where whites are suing because of discrimination. Going to take time to fix the mess.

  17. The school district is apologizing for what they call the principal’s “mistake.” A mistake is a typo. A mistake isn’t on purpose. His voicemail said it’s open for all “if” there is room. They are trying to get themselves out of this without really correcting the problem. It’s the language of the left.

    1. If this was a white principal and the situation reversed he would have been fired, immediately, no questions.

      Blacks/minorities = protected class.

  18. The black children were once slaves. The white kids were never slaves, so it’s okay.
    (sarcasm intended).

    1. Yes, white kids were slaves, too, both before and during the time of black slaves. They were called “indentured servants;” a sugar-coated term for slave. But yeah, I catch your meaning.

      1. Yes, I know American history as well. Indentured servants came voluntarily and worked as payment for transport. I was stating that blacks still (to this day) resent being uprooted involuntarily from their great homeland of Africa and make believe nothing has changed in their lives since their ancestors were slaves. P.S., most blacks dislike Jewish people for capitalizing on their claim to having been slaves.

        1. No, sorry, I don’t mean voluntary indentured servants. There actually were white slaves both before and during the time of black slaves here in America. White slavery was the historic base upon which black slavery was constructed.

          Mainstream history books or films ~ if they touch on white slavery at all ~ it is referred to with the deceptively mild-sounding title of “indentured servitude,” the implication being that the enslavement of whites was not as terrible or all-encompassing as black slavery, but constituted instead a more benign bondage, that of “servitude.” But back then the term slave was used interchangeably between the two races; both were recognized as belonging to a class of people in bondage. White slaves worked side by side with black slaves in the fields.

          As for being involuntarily uprooted from their homeland, examine the word “kidnapped.” Originally “Kid – nabbed”: the archaic word for the stealing of white children who were then shipped into slavery in America, practiced on a massive scale as a virtual industry in the British Isles in the 17th and 18th centuries.

          1. Good job aliswell. It’s amazing how people forget that other races besides blacks were slaves. Every race has been a slave (not indentured servant) at some point. With the actual title of slave and then there was the indentured servant variety slave, which is slave with a fancy title.

    2. You shouldn’t post this incorrect crap. Every race has been slaves at one point in time. Just look thru history. It’s just some groups dwell on it and others don’t. Then there is the other category of slave. Indentured servant. Slave with a fancy name.

  19. Whenever ANYONE is barred from a PUBLIC activity simply because of the color of his or her skin, THAT is blatant racism! It is ILLEGAL in the country, for very obvious reasons, and don’t try to tell me that there is no such thing as a black racist! Ask the people in South Africa about that! Trust me, there are plenty of them right here in America, too, judging by some of the comments here. It was also quite apparent during the last two presidential elections. Can you say, “New Black Panther Party”?

    1. You can have a black this or an asian that or a mexican this or a native american that but if you try to have a “white….” anything it is racist.

      Double standards? Ya think?

  20. Obama is doing the same federally and nobody is doing anything about it, so what’s the problem is probably what the principal thought. Now, if the principal can be fired, what about the president????????

  21. In the world of handguns, you can open carry or conceal carry (in many states anyway). In the world of race cards, you can open carry or conceal carry too.

    This particular race card is a good illustration of open carry :-I

  22. NEAT – Something good about a distinguished godly person of color who didn’t need or want affirmative action:
    5 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT DR. BEN CARSON – http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/340618/five-things-you-didn-t-know-about-dr-carson-daniel-foster

    “This week was Carson’s second appearance at a National Prayer Breakfast. He first addressed the gathering in 1997, when it was President Bill Clinton seated at his right (he got in a few un-PC digs there as well, bashing touchy-feely modern parenting and using the same U.S./Rome comparison). In 2008, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George W. Bush, who called Carson “a scholar, a healer, and a leader.” He is also a recipient of the Horatio Alger Award, which is given to extraordinary self-made Americans. Other recipients include Herman Cain, Bob Dole, and Phil Gramm, along with Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover, and Ronald Reagan. Perhaps there is a trend here.”

    How cool is that!

    1. This is exactly what I have been trying to get across to all these hate filled people, they are some really inteligent negros out there, just as they are white’s, but I guess the people doesn’t want to look at any good people or who they are or what they have acomplished to be who they are today, I see carson on the new’s the other day and he made no bones about putting obama in his rightful place and that was down, exactly where he should be, but people please give the one’s who have earned their place in this world the credit they deserve, He is the worlds best brain surgeon, and if you had a son or a daughter whom you loved so much wouldn’t you call on this man to fix your son/daughter, would you still hate him if he did? can’t you see what the devil is trying to do to mankind, he is destroying it because we are letting him do it, by doing the thing’s we are doing, and this is all the bickering on just about everything there is, give me a break, wake up and look up Jesus Christ is coming back and will you be ready? if not you had better be, or you will be like the five(5) virgins who wern’t ready and got left behind, and that was a no,no. so give this bitterness back to where it came from the devil and switch over to Jesus Christ, you will be glad that you did.

      1. Why are you “lecturing” people that do not need it…including myself above?

        Try giving yourself a speech in the mirror. But first yank that tree out of your eye! If you need a couple of 4-wheel drives to do it, let me know and I’ll gladly oblige. It’s about the size of a California Redwood right?

      2. Who is this directed towards exactly? Who are thee “hate-filled people” that you refer to? Who has bitterness?

        Just to be clear here, he is a neuro-surgeon but I doubt it if he would claim the mantle of “the world’s best brain surgeon”.

        I hate to be picky but your sentences seem to end with commas! Your entire spiel above is one lonnnnnnnnng sentence. You refer to “they” instead of “there”. Instead of “don’t” you write “doesn’t”. “News” is written as new’s…..

        What does this mean?

        “He is the worlds best brain surgeon, and if you had a son or a daughter whom you loved so much wouldn’t you call on this man to fix your son/daughter, would you still hate him if he did?”

        Truly are you asking if someone would refuse his help? Are you asking if the child needed surgery would he still be hated afterwards?

        I have no idea.

  23. I know of a principal who said that black children should be allowed to be tardy to school, since it takes them longer to fix their hair. Ridiculous! Everyone else makes adjustments for the variety of things they feel that they have to do to be on time. I thought we are all equal under the law/rules. Or, do they want to be different again? Which is it want–equal or unequal? Because once we choose inequality, the more stringent application of the law could be applied to us at any time.

    This same principal also said that black children’s coming noisily into the school building each morning is “cultural,” as if that makes it all right. I thought to myself, “O.K. It’s a culture that needs to be changed.”

    We have to re-establish civilized norms, as opposed to allowing uncivilized norms to prevail. Let’s get busy!

    1. Completely agree! Is it cultural for blacks to make up 40% of our prison population? Is it cultural for them to sent to prison at a ratio of 6:1 vs whites? Is it cultural for Hispanics to be incarcerated at a rate of 3:1 vs whites? Is it cultural for blacks and hispanics to make up 60% of the male prison population?

      Excuses for awful behavior from the purveyors of awful behavior!

  24. The tax payers of this community should refuse to pay property taxes – mostly like the tax payers are mostly white. Starve this school system out of existence and these racists blacks can go back to the McDonald’s drive up window where they belong.

  25. I got a related item. Back when I was in the military during the heyday of race riots in the military, the Army in its infinite wisdom and in the interest of dumb social experimentation decided to have “race relations classes”…you know diversity training for all the troops. Those classes consisted of a Hispanic, an American Indian and two black guys yelling at all the white people in the audience about Jim Crowe, slavery, Wounded Knee and stealing the SW from Mexico…etc. Well, lemme tell you, after the second and last class, the KKK recruiter was handing out membership cards to a long line of white people. I refused to join; along with very few others. But of the many who did, I asked one PFC why he joined and this is what he said. “I came here with an open mind. But all these people did was prove to me that they have no interest whatsover in improving race relations. So f-’em. Now, neither do I.” What replaced these “race relations” classes was the very racial EEO NCO: institutionalized reverse racism. Promotion boards were also forced to promote a certain percentage of minorities based not on talent, but race or gender. So here we have the extension of that insanity, only now instead of being hidden like the Army did in its promotions board and EEO rep, it is open and obvious for all to see.

    1. And the victims are now white kids, little kids? And we are asked to pay for this crap?! If blacks only received the monies they actually put into the pot they would freakin’ starve and receive no benefits because as a community they are “takers”!

    2. They still do that in the military today. When they give these classes there is never a white male talking. In fact there is never a white male in that whole career field. One time they came in and starting spouting off about the census and the choices and one of them being African American. There were 3 black guys in the class and they tore those guys up. They asked why do I have to pick African American? They are not from Africa, their parents are not from Africa and their grandparents aren’t from Africa so why do they have to choose African American? They are black or colored Americans. They asked why don’t white people have to pick British Americans? Since no white person is from this part of the world. I loved it. Those instructors were dumbfounded. Then the flood gates were opened. People asked why is there never a white male teaching this class given that there are so many white males in the military it would stand to reason there be at least a few. Then they showed up the demographics for the Air Force. It pretty much matched the demographic of the US. Then they said they were going to launch campaigns targeted to minorities. Someone asked why? Because they want more in the military. Why cater to a certain group when the demographics come close to the demographics of the area? All they could keep saying was to get more minorities in. They either could not understand or chose not to understand that if the organization demographics match the area demographics then there isn’t a problem. If you have 50 slots and 90 white guys and 10 black guys in the area you don’t expect to see 40 and 10 of a group filling those positions just so that you can say see we got blacks. You would expect to see 45 and 5 or something close to that.

      1. Crtical race theory is still practiced everywhere. But in the military, people tend to be a whole lot wiser and outspoken than everywhere else. I was discussing this same issue with a former W5 (30 yr man) that I worked with. He let on that this crap was still going on as of 2007. Glad you chimed in with an update.Very sound commentary.

  26. This seems to be a “WONDERFUL” way to bring every one together in peace and harmony

    WAIT! – WHAT?

    The principle of the principal is racist – He should be demoted

  27. Letter to Parents

    ​February 12, 2013

    Mission Viejo Parents,

    I want to express my regret for the communication sent last Friday describing the PASS Tutoring program sponsored by our PASS parent committee (Partnership for Academically Successful Students). The PASS committee is focused on partnering with the principal to close the racial achievement gap; however the tutoring program is open for all students, regardless of race/ethnicity, and on a first come, first served basis. As your child’s principal, I am equally concerned about the success of all students who attend our wonderfully diverse school.

    More of his bullcrap @


    1. but is the mission to actually educate the students, or to indocternate with leftist greenie ideas? and why do we want all students to have an equal outcome?

      1. I think you know the answers. I have no doubt of his intentions. It’s all about the demosocialists and social justice/communism.

        From the parents handbook for that school.

        Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Ethnicity and Race (AC-R-6)

        Learning and working environment free from ethnic
        harassment and intimidation shall be provided for all staff
        members and students regardless of race, color, ancestry,
        religion or national origin. It shall be a violation of Board policy
        as well as state law for any staff member or student to harass
        or intimidate any another staff member or a student because
        of that person’s race, color, religion, ancestry or national
        Individuals or groups are in violation of Policy ACB

      2. I hate to tell them; however, one could work with a lesser intellect for one’s entire life and not make that person equal to one with a greater intellect. Can’t be done.

      3. Everyone, all kids and all races, have a right to equal OPPORTUNITY, not to an equal outcome. But, that carries with it the expectation of each individual exerting his or her own efforts towards their goals. The government can never promise an ‘equal outcome’, unless it is mediocrity. That ‘outcome’ is available to all, now. Success is not handed to you, not be a school and not by a government. EVERY successful person achieved their successes by hard work and perseverance, not from handouts. By promising otherwise our schools and our government are guilty of lying to our kids! It is a cruel joke that they won’t be laughing over in a few years. It’s high time to end the mess that Jimmie Carter left us with, the US Department of (mis)Education. Oh, and as long as we are cleaning house, don’t forget the unions who are now running our schools!

        1. PC Bob I like your knowledge of all this crap that is being said, the one’s who hasn’t anything good to say about anything, are as bad as the one’s they are referring to, this kind of crap just has to stop somewhere’s, But if it continues then, it will mean just one thing, we as a people hasn’t gone anyplace sense the begining of time, thos people were bent on hate and were just as bad today, so what has been acomplished?
          I would have to say not much, because just reading what I have been reading there is as much hate now as they were back then, don’t you think it is about time we all wised up, I can see the God of this universe on how He must feel of all this stupid bickering that we do, enough is enough, instead of trying to handle it ourselves why don’t we just give it to the Lord, who know’s just how to handle situations like this,
          or is it because you don’t know how to trust the Lord God, don’t be like these atheist groups who doesn’t believe in anything, one day they WILL find out there is a God of heaven and earth, when He condem’s them into hell, that is if they don’t change and ask God to forgive them and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour, probably just like a lot of other’s who can’t find peace of mind but only hate, enough said.

    2. Now, if you are a white kid, are you going to feel comfortable attending this? What about the white parents? Once the milk is soured, you can’t fix it.

    3. “First come, first served” translation for all those he wishes to exclude: “I am so sorry, but you didn’t get here first.”

      1. Yep! I have already enrolled a bunch of more worthy I mean non-white kiddies and so now with the first come first served rule your kids wont be allowed in 🙂

        A nice racist pig feeding at the trough of the public purse and victimizing “non-minority” kids. These are kids, mind. Kids, not adults. At the earliest age black kids are being told “you are special, you are not held to the same standard, we will make special allowances for your behavior and poor grades”.

  28. Racism has no color attached to it. A Racisit can be of all color and all races. I am going to start my own all white school right after I fire up my own all white scholarship program right after I start my whites only nightclub and after all that I am going to fire up my own all white national media outlet. How long will it take for me to be tagged as a racist? I vote nano seconds.

      1. Oh…my…gosh. I think this guy needs to stay after school for special training….but not at Mission Viejo Elementary school, they have a no whites policy. Oh what twisted webs we weave… 🙁

  29. Hope sanity prevails. Maybe the white parents should start a ‘whites only’ tutoring program.

    Then let the sparks fly!

  30. Based on the sick hero worship of Chris Dorner in a society that seems to embrace wrong and shun what is right, I expect Obama to give this guy a medal or something.

    Where’s the ACLU? Where is the liberal lapdog MSM? What do the teacher’s unions have to say? Oh wait… sorry, my bad… they’re all too busy licking Obama’s boots. Oops.

    This is racism and it is illegal. It’s discrimination pure and simple. This Principal should be fired.

  31. You will not hear from the race bait baiting duo until the principal gets fired.

    Chances are they didn’t want the white kids in there is because they are ahead the black and hispanic students.

  32. No Doubt a publicity stunt to get “air-time” on MSNBC to explain their positions on “diversity” and illegal white Pilgrims, just as CURRENT mandatory Government training for all Govt Personell….OR just like Sharpton does everyday on National TV!


    When is that Nationally Transmitted Slave Auction coming on TV…..You know….The NBA Draft, where the tallest and strongest get SOLD to “white guys” who make billions off them and their “genuis” performances shooting that ball…in that hoop!


    1. Wow, Now if this doesn’t sound like a state of jealousy, let’s admit it they are good at just about everything they do, and yes you have a lot of good white’s also, but please if they become a working team, so let it be as long as they are winning, what difference will that make as long as they are both good at what they do, this is what got Satan thrown out of heaven was jealousy, ask yourself is it worth it, one day like everyone else we all have to die, no getting around it, so I would suggest that you get your heart right with the Lord, and don’t put yourself in jeopardy, we all will have to stand at the judgement seat of Jesus Christ and be judged of all his doings while on this earth, but if your heart isn’t right with the Lord then you will be standing in the Great White Thrown Judgement, and believe me you don’t want to be standing there, this is the judgement to go to hell for all eternity, so forgive and forget, and that will be worth a lot more believe me.

  33. In my high school both my principles were black and they made no bones about where their loyalties stood. You rarely saw a black kid get expelled while the white kids would get it at the drop of a hat. It fostered much racial tension and fights started breaking out. Being that the school was half black half white. It got really ugly for a long time. Of course the white kids would be expelled.

    1. ryanomaniac; just like in the bible day’s, you had your good King’s and you had your bad King’s, and today we have our good president’s and we have our bad president’s,
      and just like your stating on principles, again they have good and they have bad, you just got hold of a bad one as you stated, but don’t condem all black’s or all white’s, God will ake care of the bad one’s. so put your heart at ease.

  34. What might that syllabus “of color” look like?

    1. Community Organizing
    2. Community Agitation
    3. Riot training
    4. Cocktail Making: Molotov Style
    5. Holder’s People: Dat’s You!
    6. Destroying Property For Effect
    7. Marx, Engels, and You: The Trifecta

    1. Well now, that would be on what color you yourself prefer, as for myself I have no favorites, I like them all, because you have good and bad in all colors, and I know you know this, so why continue to bash one ethnic group against another, this is how wars are started and who blames who then.

        1. Rshill7; I don’t usually comment on thing’s which involves racism, unless it is against anyone ethnic group, and I only try to get across to those who seem to love putting down other people reguardless of what color or creed they might be, and i would do the same for you also, I try to look at it as God would look at it, this isn’t something new, it has been since the begining of time, people against people, and if one just stopped for a moment and looked behind the scene, they would find that the devil is the culpret that is causing all of the hatred in a situation like this, because he hates everything and everyone that was created by the living God, including you and myself.
          God’s creation when he finished with it, and that included every human being that was ever born on this planet, he loved with such a passion that he sent His only begotten Son to die for us and take our sin’s on Himself, and every sin was upon Him, and one of these sin’s was racism, God loved the person but hated the sin, and this is what I meant, and I apologize to you if I offended you in any way, But I won’t apologize for the love that God has for all people not just some, and the one’s who doesn’t want to conform to Him, He will deal with them down the road, again I’m sorry if I offended your belief’s.

  35. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…”

    Martin Luther King would be weeping to see the state in which the likes of jackson, sharpton and the black panthers along with dear leader and holder have trashed so much of what he worked towards.

    If this had have been a tutoring class for only white students, this would be the lamestream’s top story for months, dear leader would be calling for a beer summit and the DOJ would be investigating.

    The Double standard hypocrisy is sickening.

    1. Martin Luther King? Wasn’t he an Uncle Tom?

      Edit: just in case you don’t understand the context of my comment, it is in reference to how the race baiters have taken his words out of context. If you still don’t understand it, I would suggest you study up on it. 🙂

        1. No, it isn’t. It is Michael Luther King, Jr. Get his name right and his despicable actions. He was a false prophet (Jer 23). Idiots

    2. Remember, the FBI warned how King’s associates were all communists well I know for certain one of them was Jesse “I have a scheme” Jackson.

      1. warpmine; I’m not quite sure how you are referring to, when you mentioned King’s associates and one of them was jackson, you need to stand corrected, Martin Luther King was a Christian of high standards, and if anything at all he was for getting people of all faith’s in God’s harmony, and he did, but like always there are that few who has to try and destroy everything that is good, I hope this was a misunderstanding on your part, if not then I suggest you read up on Martin Luther King jr. too find the truth.

        1. Sorry, did I offend you? It wasn’t meant to offend but then I’m not speaking ill of Dr. King, I’m speaking harshly against those that used him to bolster their black agenda of Marxism.

          Jesse is still to this day an unrepentant liar and Marxist stooge of the first order.

          1. warpmine, no need to apologize, you did nothing to offend me, i guess maybe I wasn’t quite on the same page as you were, and now I see what you were saying and I do agree with that, and now that I look at it in more of a clear way I can see where they would do that, and using people for your own whatever, is never a good point.
            I like this post, hope we see more of each other on it.

    3. AmericanborninCanada, your so right in what you said, but one can’t condem the one’s who don’t think for themselves either, I know what I’m saying, because once long ago I was the same way, until I surrendered my heart to Jesus Christ, and it was only then did I understand that Jesus Christ died for ALL MANKIND, he didn’t say only the whites or only the blacks, or any other color on this planet who could and could not have salvation through the Lord jesus Christ, the only one’s who won’t get it, will be the one’s who reject His salvation, and that will be a lot, because the people of the world will want to follow Satan (the devil), and the one’s who followJesus Christ will go through some hardships while here on this sinful planet, but will receive benefit’s that will be out of this world when they are in heaven with the Lord Jesus. So my friend just pray for them that the Lord will change their heart’s like they did ours.

    4. It would be interesting to see if streets named after MLK are located in neighborhoods where the content of one’s character is not applicable but by pigment is.

    1. Whites distract black students doncha no? Blacks are special and need special treatment. Just ask Jesse and Al the Just Us Bros.

      1. I was asked to withdraw from a black history class in high school because I made the black students nervous.33 black students,1 white student,they were nervous.Go figure!

          1. My brother had the opposite problem the school wanted him to take the course because of his skin color. He did not want to take it. I think to opt out of the class corporal punishment was necessary (which he received). I had my own moment during American History Civil War lessons when everyone in the class turned to look at me. I think that was the first time I ever thought about or realized the color of my skin meant I was different. These events happened in Illinois in the 70’s.

        1. Obiviously you were smarter then them and no way they would ever be able to compete against. Especially since their parents had no interest in making them study at home.

    2. We will never be the United States as long as the black racists promote racial hatred and segregation on a daily basis. Liberals are compelled by their mindset to be bigots and racists. Check any dictionary and you will see the definition of a bigot as those “intolerant of others’ opinions”. This describes liberals and racists perfectly. Obama is the epitome of a liberal/racist. Disagree with him and he and his sychophants in the mainstream media will try to destroy you. Throw in Holder, as Attorney General, and you have a racist who upholds the law of the land depending on the color of skin.

    3. Marridge, hello, i see your remark that you posted, and I guess I would have been very upset as well, but, people have to realize as long as the devil is roaming this planet, stuff like this is going to happen, and he doesn’t give a hoot for you or anyone else as long as he get’s what he want’s done anyway he can, and this is just one of his way’s so instead of siding with the devil, give it to God, and let God handle it, He know’s best, do you agree with this, if this continues we will be back where we were 200 years ago take or give a few, remember there are as many good blacks out there as there is whites, every ethnic’s group has their good and their bad, and this is the way it should be praise God for it and release it to Him.

      1. You’re absolutely right, but there’s nothing wrong in noticing and commenting on the obvious. If you don’t honk the horn every once in a while, you’ll be cut off more than ever.

        1. 1endtimes2020, yup I’m in agreement with you on this, and yes we have to honk the horn ever now and then or it is like you said they will run over you, or cut you off, thank’s for the input.

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