STUPID: Ben Carson under fire for TRANSPHOBIC comments that aren’t transphobic at all…

Ben Carson is under fire for comments he made this week that are being reported as ‘transphobic’ and are said to have offended many in the room:

DAILY MAIL – Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson reportedly made transphobic comments during an internal meeting this week, expressing concern about ‘big, hairy men’ trying to infiltrate women’s homeless shelters.

The remarks were verified by three different sources present during Carson’s visit to the San Francisco HUD office on Tuesday, with each telling The Washington Post they interpreted the message to be an attack on transgender women.

Carson also apparently blasted that society seems to no longer be able to differentiate between men and women, two staffers said.

The remarks purportedly stunned and upset many of the 50 HUD workers during the meeting, causing one woman to walk out in protest.

This ‘stunned’ reaction already sounds ridiculous, but we’ll continue.

Here’s what Carson actually said, according to the report:

One staffer who took notes during the meeting recalled Carson as saying, ‘Transgender people should get the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get to change things for everybody else.’

He reportedly followed the comment by saying that shelter operators and women’s groups informed him that homeless women would be traumatized if ‘big, hairy men’ enter shelters identifying themselves as women.

He then apparently added that he believes single-sex shelters should be able to turn away transgender people.

I can’t believe this is a serious complaint. Carson is absolutely correct about this and is only trying to protect vulnerable homeless women from male predators. There’s nothing transphobic about his comments.

But apparently Carson is in a room filled with triggered Obama holdovers, who accused him of using ‘derogatory slur’:

‘That was the first time any of us heard him use such derogatory language,’ one staff member told the newspaper. ‘He’s more tactful when he’s talking before Congress, whereas this sounded like a slur to me.’

One woman is said to have drawn a rapturous applause from her colleagues when she stood up to rebut Carson’s outbursts.

‘It was pretty demoralizing and mortifying for many of us who work here and are about serving everybody,’ a staffer said to the Post.

I hope Ben Carson doesn’t back down on this issue because of these ridiculous people. The security and well-being of homeless women depend on him standing his ground and fighting for their protection.

Let these snowflakes melt all they want. In fact Carson should be even more adamant about this issue, triggering them even more so that hopefully they will quit and he can then replace them with people who actually care about protecting homeless women from predatory men.

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57 thoughts on “STUPID: Ben Carson under fire for TRANSPHOBIC comments that aren’t transphobic at all…

  1. San Fransisco… go figure. Half of them were probably big hairy men in drag themselves. This is another useless government bureaucracy that has it’s roots in Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” program.

  2. Its like the left and MSM are saying, hey we almost forgot about Ben Carson,he’s a part of the administration too, lets get him.Don’t change Ben.

  3. So these women believe in “believe all men”…..couldn’t that be in conflict with “believe all women” at times? So we are suppose to believe all men who claim to be women so they can access women’s facilities??????

  4. ……and he could not have said it in a more appropriate setting than the office of HUD in San Francisco.It would have been even more appropriate if at the end of his comments he handed out shovels to everyone and told them to get their asses out of there and go clean up your streets of San Francisco.

      1. ….well we can include those comments if you want,hold on for a sec.I’ll amend those comments now,wait, I’ll make the changes after lunch.Thanks Dr. LOL

  5. Well ya gotta go with what ya got – can’t use the race card on Ben Carson so let’s try the transphobic card. Either way the usual suspects will pitch a hissy fit and the Dem Activist Media will be all over it.

  6. Kudos to Ben for speaking the truth and too bad for anyone who was offended. Protecting women is more important than hurting someone’s feelings.

  7. Good for Carson. Protecting vulnerable women is admirable. I also want to hear him say that he’s going to kick all of the illegals out of taxpayer funded HUD housing. Might as well go for broke. ( 78% of voters said that illegals should not be on welfare programs. That includes 65% of hispanics and 71% of blacks.)

  8. Here’s one of Carson’s quotes that would have them in fits of apoplexy: “I believe that I came from God, and you believe that you came from a monkey, and you’ve convinced me that you’re right.”

    1. ……and then the Dr. would have been yelling wait,wait,wait,the meeting has not been adjourned yet and the shovels was only a joke.LOL

    1. Lillie,this is what I want you to do.Get on a plane,come to California and join me and my son at our favorite Chick-Fil A for a nice lunch of your favorite foods,Believe me you will not stop laughing until you are back on the plane headed home.This is only a hiccup,its going to get much better.So put a smile on and have a great day.PS don’t scare me any more with those comments.

  9. There is no such thing as a transgender “woman”. That is a man that is a mentally challenged freak. It is offensive to women that these males are labeled as my gender. They are not women. Call me when they can pass an egg through their fallopian tube. This needs to stop.

    Under fire with idiots that don’t matter. The right needs to just slap these idiots down instead of letting them set the tone and narrative.

    I don’t care about these offended twits

  10. Only in Bizarro America do decent men (Carson) get criticized for being concerned about the safety of defenseless women. We can’t cave in to the insanity.

  11. Saw the perfect shirt for these mentally ill people ” I’m more confused than a chameleon in a bag full of Skittles”
    PLEASE Dr Carson do NOT apologize to anyone

    1. And do not forget the possibility of out of control boyfriends hunting them down and pretending to be a T-woman and doing them harm right in the shelter

  12. There are no “transgender women!”

    There are only screwball men dressing up as women and acting like idiots.

    Looking at you Bruce Jenner.

    1. I hope he/she wears small shoes,their toes start curling up [with pain] and they receive no empathy from anyone.Get it empathy,cannot walk in his/her shoes.LOL,lol.and lol.

  13. The worst person for the Left to start attacking is Ben Carson,even though he is a cardiologist,he does not give a flick about the left and and what they are all about.

  14. But why would he want to protect them from men when there is no difference between men and women? Asking for a friend.

  15. Well anyone who listened to Obama for a period of time,certainly would misinterpret what Dr. Carson was saying.

  16. It’s San Francisco. Screw ’em. Give them what they want. Big hairy men in the battered women’s shelters. Go for it. Who cares if the women are traumatized. When they complain, tell them they’re being transphobic and to stfu.

    If that’s the message Frisco wants to send vulnerable women, then make sure it’s loud and clear.

  17. The remarks were verified by three different sources present during
    Carson’s visit to the San Francisco HUD office on Tuesday, with each
    telling The Washington Post they interpreted the message to be an attack
    on transgender women.

    Once you translate “transgender women” to what it really means: “actual males,” then it doesn’t sound quite so bad, does it?

    The truth will make you free.

    We’re living in the days of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Spoiler alert: the emperor was naked.

  18. You know what would be fun? Take every article that refers to “transgender women,” change the phrase to “men with mental problems,” and see if it doesn’t undermine the whole article.

  19. The problem for these people is that Carson was speaking the truth and to paraphrase Jack,”they can’t handle the truth!” Morons!

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