STUPID: Ben Carson under fire for TRANSPHOBIC comments that aren’t transphobic at all…

Ben Carson is under fire for comments he made this week that are being reported as ‘transphobic’ and are said to have offended many in the room:

DAILY MAIL – Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson reportedly made transphobic comments during an internal meeting this week, expressing concern about ‘big, hairy men’ trying to infiltrate women’s homeless shelters.

The remarks were verified by three different sources present during Carson’s visit to the San Francisco HUD office on Tuesday, with each telling The Washington Post they interpreted the message to be an attack on transgender women.

Carson also apparently blasted that society seems to no longer be able to differentiate between men and women, two staffers said.

The remarks purportedly stunned and upset many of the 50 HUD workers during the meeting, causing one woman to walk out in protest.

This ‘stunned’ reaction already sounds ridiculous, but we’ll continue.

Here’s what Carson actually said, according to the report:

One staffer who took notes during the meeting recalled Carson as saying, ‘Transgender people should get the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get to change things for everybody else.’

He reportedly followed the comment by saying that shelter operators and women’s groups informed him that homeless women would be traumatized if ‘big, hairy men’ enter shelters identifying themselves as women.

He then apparently added that he believes single-sex shelters should be able to turn away transgender people.

I can’t believe this is a serious complaint. Carson is absolutely correct about this and is only trying to protect vulnerable homeless women from male predators. There’s nothing transphobic about his comments.

But apparently Carson is in a room filled with triggered Obama holdovers, who accused him of using ‘derogatory slur’:

‘That was the first time any of us heard him use such derogatory language,’ one staff member told the newspaper. ‘He’s more tactful when he’s talking before Congress, whereas this sounded like a slur to me.’

One woman is said to have drawn a rapturous applause from her colleagues when she stood up to rebut Carson’s outbursts.

‘It was pretty demoralizing and mortifying for many of us who work here and are about serving everybody,’ a staffer said to the Post.

I hope Ben Carson doesn’t back down on this issue because of these ridiculous people. The security and well-being of homeless women depend on him standing his ground and fighting for their protection.

Let these snowflakes melt all they want. In fact Carson should be even more adamant about this issue, triggering them even more so that hopefully they will quit and he can then replace them with people who actually care about protecting homeless women from predatory men.

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