STUPID Swalwell has IDIOT fit over Cruz being smarter and more principled than him and it’s HILARIOUS

Some students in America are still stuck learning from home on their computer, and one of those kids is Eric Swalwell, who got some remote learning and a remote SPANKING from Eli Lake today.

See Swalwell had a hissy fit, as he’s prone to do, over Ted Cruz. Cruz can do literally anything and send sweaty Swalwell into paroxysms of rage and jealousy. He’s still angry about being born on the island of misfit toys after all.

Because he’s truly inept and embarrassingly dumb to the point you question whether he’s literate, Swalwell’s rage-ons are always about something he has no understanding of. So Eli Lake took time out of his busy schedule to help the poor benighted tiny representative into the land of understanding.

That generous holiday gift was rejected, of course. Swalwell used cursing to make it really tough and cool. He’s like the X-games but shorter and more into Bone China.

What did Ted Cruz do about Russia? It’s not that we are surprised you don’t know the answer, Eric. We’re just surprised how proud you are about it. Well not surprised, exactly. Let’s call it amused. But here’s your answer:

Yeah how about that.

Swalwell then switches from quote tweeting to direct reply. You know, so fewer people who follow him would see … this:

Deflecting with an accusation of deflection. Yo dawg, I heard you like projection. So I deflected and projected so I could project about deflection.

Lake just kept whooping him though.

“Duh” said Swalwell about wanting to counter Russia. The number of Democrats who are all for “countering Russia” is exactly zero. They were about sabotaging Trump. They couldn’t care less about “countering” anything other Trump, conservatives, and American tranquility. (All three are things Putin wants to counter, too, btw. Duh.)

Ted Cruz, of course, had the best smackdown all day, though.

You could almost feel bad for little Eric, if he weren’t made out of toolbags.

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