Sunday Matinee Movie with TRS – A movie for our time

Welcome to the TRS Sunday Matinee Movie. Today’s flick is about two civilizations that are constantly clashing against one another. One just wants to live in peace. While the other thinks that it is doing God’s will on earth by killing off the other. We give you: ‘Obsession – Radical Islam’s War Against the West.’ Viewer discretion is advised.

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Matinee Movie with TRS – A movie for our time

  1. If most Muslims dont support terror, then why is it that they dont not support it? – Denounce it! It is their DUTY to support it.

  2. History is, amongst most of the population, a lost society! Too much info and forget the past! It’s easier to make money! Love the Eggs have hatched, lol! You can also make the much neglected argument, the eggs have hatched into middle America! 🙂

  3. Sorry, RS, but I cannot watch this, as I am unalterably opposed to any visuals of
    such a vile intractable ideology originally founded in the 7th Century that believes
    it’s followers have the right to rape, pillage and murder in the most evil manner all
    those who disagree with it’s tenets, or bow down to it’s “religious dictates”. It’s very
    doctrine allows no possibility of evolving into a modern state, and they will continue
    to be a cancer in the body of humanity until we finally come to the realization it’s
    either “them” or “us”. But, we are becoming a nation of cowards and under the current
    administration. We are watching our resources and military infrastructure decorticated,
    and it’s arms sent overseas to these uncivilized pieces of filth. And, as I ponder
    things and gaze transfixed at this, our present day society in the 21st Century, I find
    that I do not feel hopeful. Only when we decide as has been done in past, at various
    stages of encroachment upon civilization that extermination is the only resolution
    desirable, only then will I sign on………… Kill ’em all, and quickly. The financial
    cliff is not the only cliff we’re being force-marched over!

  4. I had to stop this film in the first 60 seconds…..UNTIL I SEE A VALID POLL(S) of ALL Muslims across this planet and a poll of individual nations that are mostly Islamic where they say YES to Jihad or NO to Jihad, I will NOT accept that a majority of Muslims do not accept Jihad…holy war that encompasses terror.  AND…I don’t want to hear about how Americans have Jihad confused with terror….it IS TERROR.  Brennan can color the facts all he wants but when you advocate ANY killing in the name of ANYTHING religious…you are a crazy arse terrorist!  So…I now refuse to watch this movie because I have not seen a valid poll of what Muslims TRULY believe…if we were to see a poll with TRUTH…we would all be writing our wills with what we have in the White House now!

  5. Maybe if we gave them millions of dollars and technologically advanced weapons… then didn’t say anything mean about them, welcomed them inside our borders, and told them about Israel’s attack plans, they would like us.
    Yeah, and maybe Obama would be a good president.
    Like any of that’s gonna happen.

  6. The only solution is to deport them from all western countries back to their country of origin.  Isolation, and containment in their homeland is the only way. Yet the politically correct will not acknowledge this  reality.

    1. Isn’t it interesting how Grahamnesty can pull out all the gun stats for hearings yet ignore the stats on illegal aliens, their attempted gun purchases, the murders, the rapes, the child molestation, the armed robbery, etc., etc., etc. and the high rate of illegal muslims entering through the southern border.

  7. What I find equally disturbing is how our showmen & showwomen on the political left prefer a disarmed country. It seems wherever you go there is a certain type of conflict and we are the underdog. Obama, Biden, finkelstien can you help me, here? Kerry? Brennan? DOJ?

    1. herbert_2 Indeed. It seems like they are almost putting out the welcome mat for murderous thugs like radical Islamists to just come on in and make themselves comfortable.

      1. They are and the targets are white Americans because in their warped minds, we are the root of all evil.

        1. And how ignornant they are.  But for white people, America would never have been discovered and settled.

      2. They are and the targets are white Americans because in their warped minds, we are the root of all evil.

  8. Thanks for the posting RS.  It’s difficult to watch but we need to see it.   If anything, it points out how a foreign policy of appeasement is ridiculous and futile.   How will millions of dollars given to the Muslim Brotherhood change this mindset?

    1. Watcherinla It won’t change any minds or hearts.It will only serve for them to update their weapons of terror.

      1. 57thunderbird Watcherinla Yes. They first need to have hearts and minds to appeal to. There is no evidence to suggest they possess both of those things.

  9. Very hard to watch this. Such hatred being instilled from birth. Sad and scary at the same time.

  10. Happy St Patrick’s Day, and a Blessed Sunday to you all.
    I’m too tired and too wrung out, emotionally, to formulate a single clear thought today because like the rest of Wales we’re still high on cloud nine today. (If you wanna know why, google Wales : England, 6 Nations Rugby!) It’s just one of those days …. back later ….   

    1. colliemum Morning Colliemum, and blessings to you too! 😀
      If yu ever find that gold at the end of the rainbow let me know, we could use it for our national debt! 😛

      1. SilentTexan  I think BHO has already stolen it. He should beware the revenge of the Leprechauns, though!

      1. If we make anything, it can only be Welsh cakes – but nobody is really up for it. Half of Wales nurses the mother of all hangovers – the other half doesn’t drink, we’re only totally wrung out, watching and re-watching that amazing match. Rugby at its best!

    2. colliemum Thank you, colliemum! Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day and a restful Sunday.

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