Sununu slams Soledad over Obama’s rose garden statement: You’re out of your mind!

Sununu came loaded for bear this morning in his interview with Soledad O’Brien. In fact as soon as it began he started hammering her for slanting the clips toward defending Obama and that continued well into the interview just on the issue of Libya.

At issue is the parsing that is going on by Soledad and others over Romney’s statement last night. In the debate Romney said it took 2 weeks for Obama to call the what happened an act of terror. Well it just so happened that Obama used those exact words in the Rose Garden speech. But what Romney meant – and it was clear from his context – was that it took 2 weeks for Obama to call it a terrorist act which is something entirely different. In fact Obama also referred to the attack on Benghazi as “senseless violence” in the Rose Garden speech. But that’s not how you describe a terrorist act.

And this parsing of Romney’s words to protect the president is what had Sununu so fired up from the get go in this interview. Even Crowley herself said after the debate that despite the parsing, Romney was correct. And Sununu wanted them to play that clip and they never did.

Watch the full interview below:

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