Supreme Court rejects GOP efforts to block new congressional maps in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and we’ll all suffer the consequences

The Supreme Court has once again failed to do the right thing, rejecting requests by Republicans in both North Carolina and Pennsylvania to block congressional maps issued by the state courts that circumvented their majorities in each state:

NBC NEWS – The Supreme Court on Monday shot down emergency appeals from Republicans in North Carolina and Pennsylvania who sought to block redistricting maps selected by state courts.

Legislators in both states typically draw the congressional maps, but lawsuits challenging them prompted state courts to intervene and establish new district boundaries that are considered wins for Democrats.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court chose a map submitted to the state court by Democratic voters, after voters sued over the Republican-controlled legislature and the Democratic governor’s inability to agree on a map. In North Carolina, the state Supreme Court let a nonpartisan panel of experts draw a new map after concluding the Republican state legislature’s map violated the state Constitution by favoring Republican voters.

The new maps are expected to benefit Democrats more than those proposed by the Republican-controlled state legislatures.

In the Pennsylvania case, the Supreme Court declined to issue an injunction in an order published without any opinions, allowing the case to continue in federal court.

Gorsuch, Alito, and Thomas all wanted to take the case in North Carolina, saying this issue needs to be resolved and this was a good time to do it.

Kavanaugh thought it was too close to the election to be ruling on such issues.

In the North Carolina case, Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch said in a dissenting opinion Monday that they wanted to take the case.

“This case presents an exceptionally important and recurring question of constitutional law, namely, the extent of a state court’s authority to reject rules adopted by a state legislature for use in conducting federal elections,” Alito said, writing for the three justices.

“We will have to resolve this question sooner or later, and the sooner we do so, the better. This case presented a good opportunity to consider the issue, but unfortunately the Court has again found the occasion inopportune.”

Justice Brett Kavanaugh signaled an openness to addressing the issue in North Carolina, but said it was too close to the election to force the state to redraw its maps.

Both states have good-sized Republican majorities in both houses. But because the state courts are run by liberals, Democrats win the day because they’re on the same side, despite the will of the voters in each state.

This is why our system is upside down and the Supreme Court had a chance to fix this issue. Now we all have to suffer the consequences for having a rigged system.

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