“Take the entire world HOSTAGE”: Netanyahu on what BIDEN is giving IRAN the power to DO

“This is absurd!” says former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Iran deal Biden is negotiating with the blessings of Putin and Xi. And he’s right.

I know some of y’all are old enough to remember the Iran hostage crisis. Well give the rogue state NUKES and see what happens, warned Netanyahu talking to Mark Levin for his show that airs tonight.

Levin asks what’s to stop Iran when they get what they want from Biden, and what can Iran do with the power.

“First of all, they can take the entire world hostage,” he said. “Once you have a predatory and especially a rogue, theocratic regime like this have nuclear weapons, they can use them in two ways. One, they can threaten you directly with atomic bombs. Secondly, they have a nuclear umbrella, which you just mentioned, to threaten you with conventional weapons.”

“That gives them awesome power,” he said, pointing out they would be different than any other nuclear power and would be constrained by nothing.

It gives them unlimited freedom to enrich uranium, and gives them an enormous amount of money to do it with. “It’s so absurd!”

“This is the kowtowing of the democratic world and unfortunately the rest of the world to this rogue regime. Giving it both the weapons of mass death, and an enormous pile of cash to boot to continue their aggression,” says Netanyahu. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

It surely does not.

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