Tapper has to give up after Ocasio-Cortez just CANNOT say how we’d pay TRILLIONS for gov’t freebies she pushes

On “State of the Union” today Jake Tapper finally had to quit asking after hotshot liberal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was simply unwilling or unable to explain where some 40 trillion bucks would come from to pay for the wide range of free government goodies she’s pushing for. If there is one truth about liberals, it’s that paying for their handouts is not part of the planning process. The only surprise here is she didn’t actually say the words “you know, like, rich people, like, oh my gosh.” But it was implied.

Ocasio-Cortez just distracts, deflects, and offers up free government goodies in the interview, which is also how democrat campaigns work. Eventually Tapper just had to give up and move on after it was obvious she couldn’t explain herself. “I’m assuming I’m not going to get an answer for the other thirty-eight trillion dollars.”


“It is a, a externality, if you will, of unpre, unpre, unprecedented amounts of student loan debt” … what??

The deflection is amazing. She can only account for two out of FORTY trillion dollars in ten years, and that only by .. oh right, taxing the rich. Guess it was more than implied. But as for the other 38? Even liberal analysis and MSM interviewers like Tapper realize she not only can’t account for it, but has no interest in explaining it.

Why? Because you know why. She’s a socialist. Money grows on rich people, and you just pluck it until there aren’t any.

You really have to watch the whole thing. The best is Tapper’s last line.

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