Tea Party freshman, Sandy Adams, squares off against 20 year incumbent in Florida primary

Meet Sandy Adams, one of the loud and proud Tea Party freshmen. And one that’s perfectly capable of speaking for herself:



Rep. Adams was elected in 2010 in what the Democrats call the “Red Wave” and has an incredible and inspiring personal story.  Due to the Florida redistricting fiasco, Rep. Adams was plopped in to a primary against twenty year incumbent and Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, John Mica.

Rep. Mica who co-authored the bill that created everyone’s favorite molestation agency, the TSA, is also known for his devout love of earmarks.  Rep. Mica reportedly requested $4 billion in earmarks during his tenure, $13 million of which went to his daughter’s client.  But it gets better. Turn’s out, Rep. Mica is also President Obama’s “biggest cheerleader.” His words. Take a look:



Rep. Adams who’s garnered the endorsements of Governor Sarah Palin, Erick Erickson, Stephen Kruiser, Rep. Allen West,  and the Tea Party Express explained the importance of winning this primary, “The people won back this seat and this voice.  We can’t afford a twenty year incumbent who’s a career politician. He’s become part of the system instead of being part of the solution.  When that happens, the people lose.”

Already prioritizing for her next term in office, Rep. Adams indicated getting our country back on track and returning to our Constitutional roots were her biggest concerns. She explained that the two are interconnected and that the current level of government involvement in the lives of Americans is unprecedented. Rep. Adams was particularly incensed with the Obama administration for allowing federal agencies to side-step the Constitution citing Health and Human Services as an example. “Never in our lifetime has government defined religion, until now,” she said.

Despite her primary predicament, Rep. Sandy Adams is hopeful about the upcoming election:

I’m very hopeful that we’ll get enough conservative Senators to flip control of the Senate. I’m hopeful we will take control away from Harry Reid and put someone in charge that’s willing to work for the people, not block for the President. I’m hopeful that Mitt Romney will win this race and with him winning, with good conservatives in both the House and the Senate, we will be in a place to control our debt, our defiict and spending. The eighty-seven freshman sent to the House was the message the American people sent to Washington. Harry Reid totally ignored it and the President ignored it but the House had to listen because there were so many of us. Once we get good, conservative leadership, we can get government working for the people again instead of having the people work for the government.

Reiterating the seriousness of this race, Rep. Adams explained, “My interest is the people of Central Florida, that’s who I fight for. This is not just about Central Florida, this is about where we go as a nation. If we keep allowing twenty year career politicians who’ve been there and been part of the problem by helping create this mess, then we’re expecting something different while repeating our mistakes.” Receiving national attention, this primary race is viewed by many as the quintessential Tea Party versus “Establishment” race. “This race is a fight for the heart and soul and direction of the Republican Party. Are we going to continue big spending and if so, what does that mean for us?” Adams posited.

Facing an incumbent with deep pockets and connections poses a challenge, but definitely not one that’s insurmountable. This primary season, race, after race has showcased the power of grassroots and the ability of the individual to make a difference.  The Florida primary is Tuesday, August 14. Anything you can pitch in helps. Whether it’s donating $5 to Rep. Adams, telling your friends in Central Florida to get out and vote next Tuesday, or tweeting this link to spread the news, every little bit counts.

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27 thoughts on “Tea Party freshman, Sandy Adams, squares off against 20 year incumbent in Florida primary

  1. In Arkansas we got rid of Bitc* Lincoln in 2010. She is an evil DEMONcrat and voted against the will of the people. She, as a lib, knows better than the people and received a rude awakening. Next, we need to rid ourselves of the DEMONcrat, 2nd generation liberal Mark Pryor.

  2. central floridians need to vote for her. Mica is the prototypical rino who helped get us in this mess. He is another one of those ancient appeasing dinosaurs who need to be flushed down the toilet

  3. I don’t believe for a second that Holder was not reading his reports. In either case, he should be fired. This does rise to the level of needing his approval and I believe it was given his approval. Grounds for termination. If this was going on beneath him and there were reports being sent to him that seems to be almost worse. Incompetence. Grounds for termination.

    We don’t have to fire him. We will fire Obama and Romney will fire Holder.

  4. wishing adams luck, she is being endorsed by sarah palin, so hope that gives her the needed boost to win.

  5. Redistricting is the (legal) move libs, democrats, and RIONS are trying to use to remove several Tea Party members elected in 2010, this happened also to Mrs Bachmann, so we Americans must continue to work and support these candidates. Their reeclection is imperative in November.
    These are Our American warriors walking the halls of our US Congress and our US Senate. They are dependant on we Americans just as we Americans are dependant on them.

    lest we forget
    tea party patriot

  6. I’m hopeful that Mitt Romney will win this race and with him winning, with good conservatives in both the House and the Senate, we will be in a place to control our debt, our deficit and spending… Once we get good, conservative leadership, we can get government working for the people again instead of having the people work for the government.‘ – Adams

    I love the way this woman talks. Sounds just like what most on this site have been saying and understand. Let’s get these RINOs one candidate at a time. Then the media and the GOPe can scratch their collective heads and say, “What happened here?” – once again.

    1. And this one! Could not be better said…..

      “Never in our lifetime has government defined religion, until now,”

  7. For those of us who might get discouraged fighting this politcal machine, here is an interesting story about what the leadership of one courageous minority party politician, Geert Wilders, made happen with the support of citizens and other supporters around the world who simply put principle, liberty and country first. It also is an example of the danger of waiting until we have no other choice….

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  8. Thanks for all you do Scoop. This is a wonderful video. I watched it several times, and Adams is amazing.

    There are times when I wonder what our representatives are doing. I feel better after watching this. I derived immense pleasure watching Holder squirm. We have a few, good representatives in Congress. We must have more.

  9. If you look at John Mica through the fog of a thousand Londons at a distance of at least a kilometer, you can still plainly see, that the thing on his head is a wig. Men wearing wigs, I don’t like it. I’m not sure if that’s his real head or torso either.

    What I am sure of is this. That it would be sweet having another career politician drenched in Tea. Primary him.

    Sandy, Sandy she’s our man…!

      1. Also his last name sounds like someone that should be on MSNBC in the morning with a guy name Joe.

        This is substantive stuff I’m slingin’ here. Hope some of it sticks 🙂

  10. This battle is directly in my territory! Sandy Adams must win this seat, because I cannot begin to tell you how pathetic and shameless Mica is! He is a RHINO that must be stomped out, along with the other RHINO’s whom are responsible for sitting in office for decades and wrecking our nation, while draining our tax dollars! That the RHINO, supreme, Huckabee, endorsed Mica, is a travesty! I have sent Adams support money and I talk about her to anyone who will listen! Adams is a terrific woman, who stays in touch with our community and never forgets her constituents! We need her in Congress!

    1. I’m starting to get used to Sarah Palin going up against Huckabee in endorsements (and blowing him away). He’s got to be getting paranoid by now, don’t you think?

  11. Great story and information. I was wondering why the propaganda media was giving this Mica guy so much airtime to backtrack on the TSA – this explains it, he has to run
    against a conservative! I had not been following her story but am a supporter now. Another redistricting target of the GOP! They really are slime balls.

    It is not the amount we donate but who we send that donation to.

  12. Wow… she’s a killer. I love it! She has him flustered. Excellent.

    She’s now on my radar.

    Thanks Scoop for this! I appreciate it very much!

    1. Yeah, i’m in AZ trying to figure out who not to vote for – if McCain endorsed, they won’t get my vote!

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