Teacher defends Christian students who walked out after being berated by anti-bullying speaker Dan Savage

Turns out Dan Savage is a complete jerk, and that’s me being nice. Fox and Friends had on Rick Tuttle, the teacher of the students who walked out in protest of Dan Savage’s anti-Christian message, who said that he, on behalf of all his students, was offended that he was duped into bringing his students to a seminar that turn out to be little more than a profanity-laced anti-Christian bash-fest. The bullied has effectively become the bully. Tuttle said that it’s his job to protect all of his students from bullying and was more than willing to grant his students leave of the offensive seminar.

After the students leave, Savage, mocks the Christian students as ‘pansy-ass’ for not being able to handle someone who is ‘pushing back’. Tuttle hits back at that characterization, saying that his students did exactly what they are taught to do when bullied, which is to walk away. He said his students showed courage for leaving.

Watch the interview below:

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