Teacher forced to QUIT after he refused to call transgender kid by ‘preferred pronoun’

An Indiana school sacrificed a teacher on the altar of political correctness, no doubt for the benefit of the children, right?

From the Hill:

An Indiana high school teacher said he was forced to resign after he refused to call a transgender student by their name of choice, WRTV reported Friday.

John Kluge, who taught orchestra at Brownsburg High School, said he did not agree with a school policy that requires teachers to call transgender students by their preferred name.

“I feel the compelled speech of forcing a teacher to take a side on this very highly controversial topic is a violation of our First Amendment rights,” Kluge told WRTV.

The Brownburg Community School Corporation allows for a student to change their name if a parent and health care professional submit a letter.

I think he should generally follow the rules of the employer. But if he refuses to, I don’t see why they need to come down on him like a load of bricks. Can there not be one lone dissenting voice anywhere to the LGBTQ mob? Nope.

When a student followed that procedure, Kluge said he was presented with a difficult choice by school administrators — follow the policy, resign or be fired.

Kluge decided to voluntarily submit his resignation because, he told the station, he believed that he would be terminated if he didn’t, the news station reported.

Kluge said the meetings with the high school’s administration were “very threatening” and “bullying,” but he now wants his job back.

Terrible. And what we’re teaching these kids is that their feelings and their left-wing causes are more important than oh, I dunno, learning the basics of education.

Y’all have an open thread with whatever pronouns God gave you.

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