Teacher’s Union Pres agrees upset PARENTS are domestic terrorists and THREAT to “our way of life”

Leave it to a UNION boss to think we’re too stupid to read between the lines. In this video from a Zoom call, Randi Weingarten explains that she agrees in total with the letter from the National School Board that asked Joe Biden to declare parents angry about the indoctrination of their children as “domestic terrorists.”

In fact, the letter not only called parent protests “domestic terrorism” but also “hate crimes.”

The union honcho said she agrees. She makes a PATHETIC pretense about “oh we only mean the VIOLENT ones” – of which there are none, btw – but it’s not like we ain’t never heard this tune before. Nobody’s saying we’ll let men in women’s bathrooms. Nobody’s saying we want to take your guns.

Whenever they say “nobody’s saying that” you can trust that’s what ALL of them are saying. And that’s what this MOB boss is doing here:

The last remarks there are obvious. “If we enable and allow violence, as opposed to real conversations with each other, then it really threatens our way of life.”

When libs say “real conversations” they mean they talk and you shut the hell up. These are people who LITERALLY claim pronouns are violence. Conservative speech is violence. Religious views violence.

Do they think we don’t know what their code words mean??

You’re not fooling anyone, libs. You want to shut down speech, end protest, and scare parents so much that they don’t dare object no matter how much you do to their kids.

They are all just so obvious about everything, ya know? It’s amazing.

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