Team Biden now DEFENDING putting kids in cages after reopening border facility Trump used

Biden has just reopened the same border facility that he and his woke VP decried Trump for using in 2019 and Jen Psaki defended it this morning, as if it was entirely different or something:

Here’s more from Fox News:

Psaki was asked by Fox News why the Biden administration was reopening a facility for migrant children in Texas — considering President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ history railing against facilities for migrant children while Donald Trump was president. She replied that their policy is “not to expel unaccompanied children who arrive at the border.”

“The process, how it works, is that Customs and Border control continue to transfer unaccompanied children to the HHS office of Refugee Resettlement,” Psaki explained, adding that “can take a couple of days.”

Psaki said that due to COVID-19 protocols, the social distancing requirements and capacity limits at Refugee Resettlement Shelters have “been significantly reduced, because, of course, you can’t have a child in every bed.”

Psaki said that it is a “temporary reopening during COVID-19,” and that the administration’s “intention is very much to close it, but we want to ensure that we can follow COVID protocols as unaccompanied minors come into the United States.”

But Psaki was pressed further, as the facility that has been reopened is the same facility that was used by the Trump administration in the summer of 2019.

At the time, in an op-ed in the Miami Herald about his Latin America policy published on June 24, 2019, then-candidate Joe Biden said: “Under Trump, there have been horrifying scenes at the border of kids being kept in cages, tear-gassing asylum seekers, ripping children from their mothers’ arms.”

And in July 2019, then-candidate Sen. Kamala Harris said that Trump “has pushed policies that’s been about putting babies in cages at the border in the name of security,” instead calling it “a human rights abuse being committed by the United States government.”

Psaki, though, defended the reopening, saying that the administration “very much feels that way.”

“These are facilities,” Psaki said. “Let me be clear here, one, there is a pandemic going on.”

“This is not kids being kept in cages,” Psaki continued. “This is a facility that was opened that is going to follow the same standards as other HHS facilities. It is not a replication. Certainly not.”

She added: “That’s never our intention—of replicating immigration policies of the past administration.”

“But we are in a circumstance where we are not going to expel unaccompanied minors at the border,” she continued. “That would be inhumane. That is not what we are going to do here as an administration. We need to find places that are safe and mental services consistent with their best interests.”

These people are ridiculous. It was never putting children in cages in the first place, but that’s exactly what they all said because they hated Trump. Now they are doing the exact same thing and it’s all hunky dory because COVID or something.

And guess who isn’t saying a peep about it?

That was from 2019. Today her timeline has nothing about Biden doing the same thing:

Calling her a fraud is putting it nicely. But we’ll go with that.

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