Ted Cruz: A contested convention could FRACTURE the party…


Ted Cruz acknowledged that a contested convention could fracture the party going into the general election, especially if The Donald has a big Trumpertantrum over losing:

POLITICO – Ted Cruz on Monday acknowledged he’s concerned about how a contested convention might “fracture” the party ahead of the general election, especially if Donald Trump lashes out should he lose the primary.

“There is no doubt, we are likely headed to a contested convention,” the Texas senator told a private gathering of Republicans here in Manhattan, according to audio of the meeting obtained by POLITICO. “One of the greatest risks of a contested convention is, if you come out with a party fractured, it potentially makes you vulnerable going into the general election. I believe, in a contested convention, we’ll have a strong advantage and we will earn the majority of the delegates and unify the party. But in that circumstance it’s not difficult to imagine Donald Trump getting very upset, and making his upsetness [known].”

But Cruz downplayed the threat of Trump running as a third-party candidate should he lose the GOP primary. Cruz cited so-called “sore loser” laws that, through ballot access requirements, make it very difficult in some states for candidates to mount an independent bid late in the cycle.

“I don’t think there is a significant risk of his running as third party,” he said, but went on to note that there was the risk that Trump’s supporters would just sit out the election.


Trump’s rhetoric is already so over the top that I believe he’s already damaging our chances of winning in November if our nominee isn’t Trump. After all, he’s now calling the system 100% corrupt. It’s ridiculous!

Trumpertantrum is setting the state for election riots should he lose at the convention. But even worse, he’s already fracturing the party with such divisive rhetoric. Even if Cruz wins the rest of the states and got to 1237 before the convention, all these angry little trumpertantrums would stay home and never vote for Cruz because they’re convinced he’s a lying cheat, just as their Trumpertantrum master is telling them.

I used to believe that any Republican could beat Hillary and win in November…easily. But after the destructive campaign that Trump has been waging to win, I’m not longer convinced of this. In fact Trump has basically ensured that it will be a dogfight for whoever wins.

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