Ted Cruz admits he underestimated how radical Dems would be over COVID

The left is trying to make hay over Ted Cruz’s comments yesterday on Nancy Pelosi being drunk on power by digging up something he said last year and trying to frame him as a hypocrite:

Ted Cruz responded this way, saying “I’ll admit, I underestimated just how radical Dems would become. They love power — it’s like a drug to them — and the can’t stop issuing mandates: mask mandates, vaccine mandates, shutdowns & closed schools. All while the corrupt corporate media cheers them on.”

Ha! Well it was an easy mistake to make considering how rabid Democrats were against Trump last year.

In related news, here’s a New York City business owner decrying these new mandates:

This business owner seems very reasonable. But what I love the most about this interview is that he clearly said the transmissibility of the Delta variant doesn’t impact his thinking. He said there needs to be an end game, and he’s exactly right.

In trying to figure out if this guy is a Democrat, I found this on his timeline:

So yeah he’s a Democrat, but he’s not a radical. He seems a bit more like a moderate based on a cursory look at his timeline. Also, he’s clearly not a fan of Fauci which makes him a solid thinker in my book.

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