Ted Cruz bashes Harvard over insane article calling for a ban on homeschooling

Oh boy is this insane. SO some fancy schmancy Harvard lady wrote this insane article calling for a ban on homeschooling because kids are really the property of the government and the parents are just getting in the way of statist indoctrination. I’m only embellishing a tiny bit. Well Ted Cruz isn’t down with that at all:

It does seem like the relief bill was yet the latest example of incompetent government doing what it does worst. Harvard is just one example of an institution that really did not need more millions of the taxpayer’s money, but this insanity really forces the issue:

The thread is worth reading because of the extreme position that Elizabeth Bartholet takes.

Do we really want the people who bungle nearly every job they’re given to have complete and total control of our children too? I don’t think so and God bless people like Ted Cruz who are in positions of power and can sound the alarm against this kind of crap.

I mean just look at this:

They can’t even spell “Arithmetic” correctly, and think the Bible is to blame for kids doing what exactly? Not playing outside enough? The image makes zero sense, but actually I’d prefer nonsense to the ideological totalitarianism that Bartholet advocates in the article itself.

Meanwhile every idiot on the fringe of the right-wing side of things is made to be representative of the entire movement by the media…

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