Ted Cruz calls out Beto O’Rourke for his IMPEACHMENT MADNESS and Politifact for their shenanigans!

Late last night Ted Cruz called out his leftist opponent Beta O’Rourke for going all in on impeaching president Trump.

Here’s the video of Beto:

It’s interesting that when Dana asked Beto about what the Constitution says regarding Treason or High Crimes as a basis for impeachment, he didn’t have an answer for it and suggested that there would have to be a trial; and he didn’t want to prejudge the outcome of that trial. But he already said he’d vote for impeachment so it sounds like he doesn’t need to see a trial, that his mind is already made up.

Ted Cruz called him out on all of this on social media:

Would 2 years of impeachment madness — a partisan circus that would utterly paralyze the federal govt — be good for Texans? I say NO. Beto (the only Dem Senate nominee in the country willing to do so) says YES, impeach President Trump. Listen, in his own words, and you decide.

He’s right. It would be similar to the partisan circus we saw with Democrats viciously attacking Kavanaugh, but worse. And that’s what a vote for Beto would essentially be about. And I’m sure there are some Democrats who would love that.

In related news, Ted Cruz also calls out Politifact for their shenanigans:

Love it!

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