Ted Cruz calls out the State of Tennessee for honoring KKK Grand Wizard

A report came out yesterday that revealed Tennessee will be honoring Nathan Bedford Forrest, among others, on specific days of the year. Here’s the portion of the Tennessee code that requires this now:

Each year it is the duty of the governor of this state to proclaim the following as days of special observance: January 19, “Robert E. Lee Day”; February 12, “Abraham Lincoln Day”; March 15, “Andrew Jackson Day”; June 3, “Memorial Day” or “Confederate Decoration Day”; July 13, “Nathan Bedford Forrest Day”; and November 11, “Veterans’ Day.” The governor shall invite the people of this state to observe the days in schools, churches, and other suitable places with appropriate ceremonies expressive of the public sentiment befitting the anniversary of such dates.”

But Ted Cruz says it is WRONG to honor Nathan Bedford Forrest and they should change the law:

Obviously today is July 13 and Cruz sent this out yesterday evening, so it probably stands.

But I think Cruz got the right perspective on this. There’s no reason we should be honoring slave traders and KKK grand wizards just because they were also confederate generals and you want to protect confederate heritage.

It’s already bad enough that people throw around insults and accusations of racism without thinking. This won’t help matters in the slightest.

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