CRUZ: Corrupt media SLANDERS Kyrie Irving for DARING to make his own health decisions

If there is anything the liberal progressive dominant culture in this country hates more than Americans being able to decide what to do with their own lives, it’s when a MINOIRTY American is able to make decisions about his own life. And that’s why they cannot stop going insane, constantly escalating their attacks on the NBA’s Kyrie Irving over his PERSONAL and REASONABLE choices about his own health and well-being.

It wouldn’t matter if they were unreasonable, they are his decisions to make, but that’s not even at issue here because he’s making a perfectly rational choice he’s explained over and over and over. But corrupt media like MSNBC, a tool of many nefarious string-pullers, continue to escalate their attacks on him anyway.

There’s no better example of lapdog than Joy Reid, which is why her comments about Irving and Cruz are pure projection: Irving “is a person who once said the world is flat and who is now being used as a pawn for the alt-right and the MAGA army like Ted Cruz.”

Pure. Projection. Soros-bot.

Well Cruz slammed her back hard.

SLANDER is right. I’d love to see her in court over it.

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