Ted Cruz knows EXACTLY what ‘error’ took place when Biden admin put CRT in Dept. of Education handbook

Jen Psaki laughably tried to insist that it was an error, a mere clerical oversight, when the MAIN THING THAT PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT when it comes to education just HAPPENED to slip through the cracks and get directly provided as GUIDANCE in Dept. of Education materials.

What an oopsie right?!!??

Well that CRT material, a product of the Abolitionist Teaching Network (ATN) if you can believe that, got into the handbook and would be on its way to your kids education had the error not been found out.

So what was the error? Ted Cruz knows.

The error was they were CAUGHT. RED-HANDED

Exactly. Right. I mean what would they have us believe? That they typed some other Teaching Network’s name wrong? How do you ACCIDENTALLY include specific guidance? I’m seriously wondering.

And guess what else? The ties to that “abolitionist teaching network” are a lot more than a random error.

As Ted said, it was no error at all.

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